Singer Songwriter Bono And His Humanitarian Contribution

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Bono was a remarkable person. He is a singer and a guitaris in an Irish rock band called U2. He was also doing charity work globally. Bono “used his celebrity to call attention to global problems, including world poverty, [hunger] and AIDS” (Bono). With that, he received the Nobel Peace Prize’s Man of Peace title for his hard works. Bono was a co-founder of DATA and the ONE Campaign. He had and still have many fans who looked up to him now.
Bono was born on May 10, 1960 in Dublin, Ireland. His father was “a Roman Catholic postal worker and [his mother was] a Protestant mother” (Bono). His real name was actually Paul David Hewson. He got the nickname Bono from when he was in high school. The word bono comes from the Latin word bonavox, which means good voice. During his Irish rock band career, he was aware of everything that happens around the world, which made most of the lyrics “often focusing on untraditional themes like politics and religion” (Bono). In 1982, Bono married Ali Hewson and they had 4 childrens.
Throughout the years, other than music, Bono had met with many world leaders and politicians in a discussion about the issues that were happening around the world.. In 1990, Bono had “campaigned with Greenpeace against the nuclear power plant Sellafield in the north of England, and drew attention to the conflict raging in Bosnia by collaborating with the US journalist Bill Carter during the Zoo TV tour” (Fry). In one of the moments, DATA was created. DATA stands for Debt AIDs Trade Africa. The organization fights AIDs and poverty that appears at Africa. The ONE Campaign was created with the help of DATA in 2004 to make poverty history. This organization is very dedicated to their work, which was fighting poverty and preventing diseases. Later in 2008, DATA and ONE Campaign had joined one another to create ONE.
In 2005, EDUN was born. EDUN is “a socially responsible clothing line. While it is a for-profit enterprise, its mission is to foster ‘sustainable employment in developing areas of the world, particularly Africa’” (Bono). EDUN was created by not just Bono alone, but his wife, Ali Hewson, also. In 2006, with the help from Bobby Shiver, Bono had created Product (Red). It raises money from businesses to buy AIDs...

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