Single Gender Classrooms: Beneficial Or Harmful? Essay

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With the passage of The No Child Left Behind Act of 2001, the idea of single-gender classrooms has been on the rise. No Child Left Behind also included an amendment asking the U.S. Department of Education to set standards for experimentation with single-gender classrooms and schools. Since being made effective, many states have started such experiments with single-gender classrooms, so it made me start thinking. Would single-gender classrooms improve the quality of education in American public schools? While coming up with research, I found that the word “classrooms” is broad enough to include single-gender schools as well as coeducational schools where only some classes are taught separately so that more in-depth research could be evaluated. I have found that single-gender classrooms benefit students both scholastically and in later life success, they help students develop positive attitudes about education and about themselves, and are very desirable to students, parents, and teachers.
Through my research, I have found that single-gender classrooms benefit students scholastically, which results in life, marriage, and occupational success. Huffman said that The Riordan Study, done by Cornelius Riordan, used 58,270 randomly selected students to analyze the differences between mixed-gender schools and single-gender schools. In analyzing the data, the author put in “controls for parental structures, race, sex, family size, and socioeconomic backgrounds.” The longitudinal study of educational performance found that both boys and girls who went to single-gender schools outperformed mixed-gender schools by almost a full academic year and both went on in adulthood to have greater occupational success. In addition, the study found that girls who went to single-gender schools typically had “healthier marriages, stronger views towards equal sex roles, and they had higher self-esteem” (14). With this study spanning almost 30 years, it is quite obvious that single-gender classrooms benefit children on many levels. Those who had single-gender classes were almost a full academic year ahead and had greater success in their married life, as well as in their occupations. If success was found over a 30 year period, success can be found today. It is essential that we help women become stronger in the workplace as well as strengthening marriages and families. We have a divorce rate of 3.6 per 1,000 population in the United States, and that is too high. With single-gender classrooms, this could be reversed and women could continue to be able to compete in the male dominated occupations.
It is safe to say that student academic achievement is the primary focus when measuring quality of education. With this in mind, I have found that students in single-gender classrooms have had great improvements in various aspects of education and attitude, as measured by their teachers, parents, and even themselves. At Edisto Elementary School in South Carolina, Principal Belinda...

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