Single Parenting And Influence On Children´S Education Success

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The purpose of this proposal is to draw attention of the academic circles to the need of investigating the relationship between single parents and career success of their children. In recent years, single parenting has become a matter of utter social concern since children from such households are known to face stark social challenges. Consequently, due to many problems, which are seen to originate in the broken nuclear family, children raised in single parent households experience problems related to success in their adulthood achievements, in particular, their career. Single household model has been rapidly spreading throughout the recent couple of decades, thus almost becoming the norm in the society. Therefore, it is crucial to find the way to address these concerns, in order to provide students, parents, teachers and society at large with adequate solutions, which would help children from such families reach their potential and build a successful work career in their adulthood.

Literature Review
The nuclear family structure, i.e. the family with both parents, ideally sets a child within the environment filled with a sense of caring love, security, and stability, which are necessary for a child’s development. However, if the structure of the nuclear family is broken, this may bear significant implications on a child’s ability to perform daily activity tasks as expected, or even provoke failures in terms of adapting to challenges of a new environment (Wall, 2012; Mooney, Oliver, & Smith, 2009).
It is noteworthy that, although growing up in a household with a single parent is considered as a risk factor, such non-nuclear families have become a rather common phenomenon in the recent couple of decades. Statistics reveals astonishing facts: children, who were born since 1984, had spent an average of 5 years of their childhood span within a single parent family setting. Furthermore, around 30% of children in the United States are claimed to have spent their entire childhood in one-parent households (The black family initiative 2013). Shepard (2013, pp. 334) also asserts that the nature of family as a social establishment has been subject to dramatic changes in the US since 1975 (See Appendix on p. 8, Figures 1 & 2). The unfavorable statistics revealing growing trend of single-parent households is asserted by other researchers, as well. Amaro (2004, p. 4) noted that, whereas a mere 12% of children were raised by a single mother, towards 2003 their share almost doubled, reaching out to 26% (Amato, 2005, p. 4). However, in 2012, researchers argued that almost half of all children aged 15 will have lived in a single parent household (Barajas, 2012, p. 13).
Research of single parent households has evolved over the years. However, the two distinctive models of the research design are distinguished: the Family Deficit Model, on the one hand, and Risk and Protective Factor Model, on the other hand. The former is dating back to the 1970s,...

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