Single People Should Be Allowed To Adopt

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Being single in our society has become common and normal. For somepeople instead of having a destructive marriage, it is better to stay single. Today modernlife is complicated already and it is hard to predict what could happen tomorrow. Andmaybe staying single could prevent certain issues, like separations and divorces thatcould lead to struggling and suffering for the whole family. However, single peoplepossess parental feelings and a desire to have a child. And, if for some reason, a singleman or a woman cannot have a child naturally, he or she should be allowed to adoptchildren even though in some countries, they are forbidden to adopt.First of all, for some single people it is impossible to become pregnant or toinseminate because of some physiological or health problems, such as sterility, chronicillnesses or obesity. Many women are cautious of getting pregnant because duringpregnancy many problems could occur. These problems could put their livesand the lives of the infants in danger. For example, a woman could have miscarriages ora pre-mature or law-weighting baby. Moreover gay and lesbian couples obviously cannothave their own children.The above reasons are obstacles for some desiring a child. But unable to doso does not mean not wanting to. Neither does it mean that such people lack knowledgeAzizova-2of what being a parent can be like. For example, Amy S., who could not have her ownchildren but desperately desired them and adopted four- year- old Kate, says, "I wanted tobe a mother more than anything else in the world; nothing else seemed as important."Second of all, many people cannot commit in a relationship and do not want to getmarried. They want to be free and independent and not to burden themselves with "thewedding lock". Moreover, certain people detest all men or women and do not want tohave any contact with them because of some psychological reasons, for example becausethey were victims of sexual or physical abuse. That is why we have so many singlepeople who, nevertheless, want to have a child and desire to have someone to take careof, to give their love to, and teach and share their life experience with.Lee Vernon is an example of a woman who never wanted to get marriedbecause she was raped by her...

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