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Single Phase Transformers Essay

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1.0 Definition of Transformer:

A Transformer is a static electric device that transfers electrical power from the primary winding to the secondary winding using electromagnetic induction. Transformers can raise or lower the voltage with conforming drop or rise in current. Transformers work on the value of mutual induction. When two coils are positioned so that the flux produced by one coil links to the other coil, then by fluctuating current in one coil the electromagnetic field is induced in the other coil. In transformers, a coil with a number of turns is wound over one branch of the laminated core, made of silicon steel. On another branch, an additional coil having a number of ...view middle of the document...

2. Polyphase Transformers; Polyphase are associated with three phase electrical power and are used to transmit high voltage power.
3. Resonant Transformers; Leakage Transformers such as resonant transformers, depend on the loose pairing of the primary and secondary winding, and on external capacitors to work in combination with the second winding resonant transformers useful in recovering data from certain radio wave frequency levels.
4. Leakage Transformers; have a loose binding between the primary and secondary winding, which leads to a great increase in the amount of inductance leakage
5. Audio Transformers; Audio Transformers help separate impending interference and send one signal through several electrical circuits

2.0 Single Phase Basics
Single phase electrical power distributes alternating current in which all the voltages of the supply vary in unison. A single phase supply connected to an A.C. power motor uses additional circuits for starting, because it will not produce a revolving magnetic field. The standard frequency of single phase power systems are usually 50 or 60 Hz. Electric railways use 16.67 Hz in special single phase traction power systems. Neckarwestheim Nuclear Power Plant, (located in Germany), is the largest single phase generator in the word, and is used to supply power for a railway system on a dedicated traction power network.

2.1 Using Single Phase Power
In the United...

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