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Parents who put their kids in co-education schools are not thinking about their children’s future and their education closely enough. Co-education is hurting children because they are not focusing on them. They only focus on their lesson plans, they do not focus on the different strategies that students need to learn. Single-sex schools have more opportunities than Co-ed schools. Co-ed schools do not give their students the tools they need to be an advanced student. Single-sex schools is what parents should put their children in if they really care about their education and where they go in life. Single-sex schools more effective than Co-ed schools.
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” This shows that girls are more sensitive when around the opposite gender and afraid to take control while in single-sex schools they are more willing to take the leadership role because they are not pressured.
Boys are over demanding and like to take charge which can be intimidating for girls and make them not want to try to be in the leadership role. While in single-sex schools they have more opportunities because they is less intimidation, so they have more confidence in themselves to take charge of a group project. Another example why girls do not take the leadership role in a source is “... the overwhelming imaged conveyed [ of co-education] was one of rough boys being civilized by sensitive girls.” this explains that boys can be overwhelming to girls and make them not try their hardest.
This problem is not letting girls get the best education that they deserve, that’s why they need to be in single-sex schools. So they can focus on the work and take charge of the leadership role. Girls have greater chances of getting into a four year colleges when they are in single-sex schools. They also get higher test scores and are more confident to go for scholarships to help them get into colleges. Girls in single-sex schools have a higher self-esteem and are less overwhelmed than girls in Co-ed schools.
Single-sex education can decrease boys in special education. Boys are weakly exposed to genetic disorders. It is easy to get diagnosed these days with dyslexia because Co-ed schools do not teach boys and girls the right way to read. For example, my sister Natasha went to co-ed schools and was diagnosed with dyslexia and later in life she figured out her junior year that she didn’t have...

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