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Single Sex Schools Essay

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Schools in England are very old; schools have been founded since the Roman occupation of Britain, after Roman schools disappeared. New school was established in 597 by St Augustine. Viking invasions formed bad factor against schools in England. Schools rose again in spite of continued invasions (Gillard, 2011). Schools were expanded and developed during the period between 1100 and 1500, the English Renaissance positively contributed. Elizabethan I’s period (1558-1603) witnessed a revolution in education and school system. In the year 1800, and after, educational theories developed and schools took modern form. The schools are majority single sex schools (male schools) until the ninetieth century; female students start to enter these schools.
Modern educational school system can be classified into two main categories: co-education schools and single sex schools, the latter might be described as single gender education; it is the implementation of education to one-gender pupils either males or females separately, in several societies this separation due to religion or tradition causes. The single sex schools were dominant until the 19th century, where coeducation start and expand. Coeducation (mixed sex education) it might be described as, mixed gender education; it is the education where male and female students study together in the same classes and buildings or schools, in the end of 20th century coeducational education becomes the dominant schooling system. Coeducational system is the dominant system in most UK schools (Department for Education and Skills, 2007).
The essay attempts to assess the issues of coed schools, in comparison with single sex schools. The main argument for applying single sex schools is considered firstly, followed by an examination of the advantages and disadvantages of the single sex schools, including the level of performance and achievement concerns connected with the educational system.
Features and issues related to single sex and coed schools in England, advantages and disadvantages of schools in terms of single sex schools and coed schools in the schooling educational system have been the area under discussion of pervasive debate and argument (Tobias, L. 2013).
According to the supporters of single sex education, there is a physiological dissimilarity between genders of female and male, how they gain knowledge, behaviours and thinking, thus, educational institutions could introduce better teaching methods suitable for each gender separately, while many studies (Single sex education (2013) confirm that, single sex schools have better results in all subjects. On the other hand, supporters of coeducation schools think that by using coeducation system, there will be proper, strong and logical motivation.
The practice of single sex education is universal, appropriate for primary and secondary schools, as well as recent time studies lead to surge of founding of single sex schools (Skelton, 2010). Alternatively,...

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