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Singled Out Essay

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Singled Out

     At one point in time or another, all of us have fallen victim to the pain and anguish inflicted by feelings of not belonging. In “Blue Winds Dancing” by Tom Whitecloud, a young Indian boy is thrown into the white school system and forced to confront his own identity. He is torn between practicing his traditional Indian customs and trying to blend in with “civilized” white society. He feels like an outcast amongst the white people who ridicule and scorn him for being different. Not until he returns home does he find comfort in his surroundings. He realizes he has no shame in his heritage and pretending to be white will only further alienate him from his true self. Feeling estranged in an unknown society can be torture for your psyche. People often outcast you if you are of a different race, religion, or if you are poor. Society unfairly judges those who appear to steer away from the norm.
     Celebrating your own race can be a beautiful thing, but when you’re placed in a position where you are the minority, it can bring about mental anguish and feelings of abandonment. The young Indian boy struggled to belong, but he could never bridge that gap because he would always look different. “It is terrible to have to feel inferior; to have to read reports of intelligence tests, and learn that one’s race is behind” (157). Even the white media has convinced the Indian boy that his own race is somehow less superior just because they have different cultural backgrounds. These accusations are absolutely absurd, nevertheless, the young Indian boy feels deeply estranged in this judgmental society. “We just don’t seem to fit in anywhere-certainly not among the whites, and not among the older people” (158). The boy feels like he cannot relate to anybody. He is lost in a world of loneliness. The boy finds relief when he returns home to visit his family on the reservation. He finally rediscovers his true self and realizes he cannot “be ashamed of his own people when he knows they have dreams as beautiful as white snow on a tall pine” (159). The boy once again feels like he is part of something special and no longer made to feel like an outcast. It is a terrible thing that our society is so judgmental that a minority can only feel accepted by his own family. Not only do we exclude people from different races, we scorn at those who worship different gods.
     Since the beginning of time, religion has been the spark that has ignited many wildfires. Religion is held so sacred that any force of opposition can incite an intense battle. The young Indian boy was ostracized because he worshipped different gods than the white children. “It is terrible to sit in classes and hear men tell you that your people worship sticks of wood” (157). The boy was told that everything he learned and worshipped growing up was false. He was made to think that everything he believed in was wrong...

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