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Singling Out The Jewish People Essay

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Before the beginning of World War II the Nazi party took over in Germany. At its head was a man named Adolf Hitler. For some reason Hitler hated the Jews, we see this in World War II with the Holocaust. The Holocaust started in 1933 when Hitler rose to power; he made a plan in 1941 which was to eradicate the whole Jewish population. Hitler called this plan the “Final Solution” (An Introductory History of The Holocaust). Why did Hitler and the Nazis single out the Jews for genocide? And in what ways did the Nazis single them out?
Well first off, Hitler and the Nazis weren’t the first people to treat the Jews poorly; they were just the ones to treat them the worst and the most recent. But up ...view middle of the document...

The German, or Aryan, people saw themselves as the “master” race and that is one of the reasons that they saw the Jewish people as a threat to their race (FAQs).
The Nazis started to take action against the Jews as soon as they came to power. A Teacher’s Guide to the Holocaust says that in 1919 Hitler condemned the Jews, by exploiting anti-Semitic feelings that had prevailed in Europe for centuries. Then by 1933 the regime passed civil laws that barred Jews from holding positions in the civil service, in legal and medical professions, and in teaching and university positions. The Nazis encouraged boycotts of Jewish-owned shops and businesses and began book burnings of writings by Jews and by others not approved by the Reich (The Nazification of Germany). The Nazis kept doing anything and everything they could to make the Jews feel different and secluded from everyone else. In 1935 Hitler announced the Nuremberg Laws. These laws stripped Jews of their civil rights as German citizens and separated them from Germans legally, socially, and politically, Jews were also defined as a separate race (The Nazification of Germany). More than 120 laws, decrees, and ordinances were enacted after the Nuremburg Laws and before the outbreak of World War II, further eroding the rights of German Jews (The Nazification of Germany). Hitler and the Nazis then started to confine the Jews into ghettos. The Nazis weren’t the first to seclude the Jews into these neighborhoods. However, their motive behind it wasn’t the same as those who did it in the past. The Nazis put the Jews in ghettos to take one step closer to annihilating them. As the Nazis continued to persecute the Jews the ghettos became less of a place to live and more of a transition area for Jewish people on their way to death or concentration camps (The Ghettos).
The creation of the concentration camps made it much easier for the Nazis to eradicate the Jewish people. With them the Nazis...

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