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Sinking About Hazel Essay

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Sprinting as if the world was about to end, we bashed the down the doors and ran. The whip cackled ceaselessly as we escaped. With an advantageous fifteen second head start, we dashed to Miss Hitcher’s emergency row-boat while hearing heavy footsteps not far behind us. When the rope removed itself, we desperately paddled, despite being in exhaustion and anxiety of getting caught. My life was a bubble; I was confined in a cage, suffocating from the scars impaired from my past, until then.
The last fragments of her memory she gathered was a deafening scream. It was the middle of winter, in the blackening hour. The ship shook turbulently. The windows shattered violently- cardboard boxes swayed ...view middle of the document...

Her sharp eyes had unexpectedly spotted Hazel. In a blink, she pulled her ear and forcefully dragged her into a large building to be whipped continuously. Kept in an office, in excruciating pain prior to the whipping, she was abruptly approached by a timid woman.
“Hello Hazel. Welcome to Miss Hitches’ Orphanage, call me Hadley,” the woman spoke softly, “you know, you should have never come.”
Hadley’s words preoccupied Hazel thoughts day after day; everywhere she looked, children were being molested by the teachers for very minor matters. Forced to attend the most tedious classes; she concentrated on her behaviour; she made sure it was up to the orphanage’s pedantic standards, while she surreptitiously premeditated methods of escape. Every child had been whipped at least once; the punishments were spartan; inattentive behaviour or ignorance resulted in whipping. This building was a sight for sore eyes. Along the way, Hazel befriended Lucy Everlark whose parents, according to Miss Hitcher, abandoned her on the isolated island, although no evidence was given.
On the twenty-seventh of August 1992, after three tiresome and torturous years collecting data about the place, it was the day to escape. After they took attendance in the assembly, they stealthily crept out into the forbidden area. There lay a wooden boat which was engraved with the name Hitches, which relaxed on the shore. Clumsily, Hazel triggered an alarm; the crackling whips’ noise crescendoed every...

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