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Sir Galahad

In the Arthurian legends, Sir Galahad is one of the most mentioned and most important of the Knights of the Round Table. Conceived when the other famous knight, Lancelot, slept with the lady Elaine (daughter of King Pelles) thinking she was his loved but forbidden Guinevere. Unaware of his parent’s identities, Galahad was raised by an abbess until reaching his fifteenth birthday when he was introduced to his father, who knighted him and accompanied him into Arthur’s court. There, Sir Galahad duplicated Arthur’s feat of drawing Excalibur from the stone (or from an anvil as some versions have it told) by drawing a sword from a solid block of marble. This feat demonstrated to all that he was the one who had been chosen to quest for the holiest of all Christian relics, the Holy Grail, and so he was given the seat at the round table known as the seat of the Perilous Siege which was reserved for the chosen one.

The Grail, also known as the Cup of Christ, was the chalice that Christ drank from during the last supper. This cup was also thought to be the cup used by Joseph of Arimathea to catch the blood of Christ as he hung from the Cross.

Purity of heart and free of sin, that was what Galahad brought to the round table. Since the Grail could only be looked directly upon by those pure of heart, he was the only one who succeeded in finding the Grail, and learning its secrets.

Many of the characters in Arthurian legend are varied as different authors and translators have taken their own impressions from the preceding texts, confusing the characters and changing their specific traits that originally made them who they were. Sir Galahads story was relatively free from this historical confusion, and his story was varied far less than most of the other knights. First mentioned in the Vulgate Cycle, which was a...

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