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Isaac Newton was born in Woolsthope, near Grantham, Lincolnshire, England on December 25, 1642. His father, who was a farmer, died before he was born. When his mother, Hannah Ayscough Newton, remarried, he was sent to live with his grandmother when he was 3 years old.He attended two village schools, and in 1654 he was sent to King's School in Grantham. While he was attending this school, he lived in the home of a man named Clark. Newton fell in love with Clark's daughter, but since she married another man, he never married. After his stepfather died when he was 14, his mother brought him home to work on the farm, which didn't suit him at all. It was his uncle who recognized his scholarly talents, and Isaac was sent back to school in 1660 to prepare for college. He was enrolled at Trinity College in Cambridge in 1661. His tutor was Doctor Isaac Barrow who became the Lucasian professor of Mathematics at Cambridge University in 1663.After he received his bachelor's degree in 1665, he stayed on for his master's, but an epidemic of the plague caused the university to close. Many of his greatest ideas came in 1665-1666 while the college was closed. His many achievements included; the invention of the reflecting telescope, the branch of mathematics called calculus, the exposition of the three laws of motion, and the development of the law of universal gravitation. Many people ' heard the story from Newton himself ' that he discovered universal gravitation by the falling of an apple. He compared this to perhaps the moon's relationship to the earth and the rest of the plant's relationship to the sun.He returned to Cambridge in 1663 and got his master's degree. At 27 Newton was named Lacasian Professor of Mathematics at Cambridge by the recommendation of Barrow, who left to pursue a career in theology. Newton held that position for 27 years. He conducted an experiment, which allowed him to see the different colors, using a prism in a dark room. This led him to draw the revolutionary conclusion that "light itself it a heterogeneous mixture of differently refrangible rays."Since he was very dexterous, he was able to build several models of small reflecting telescopes. He sent them to the Royal Society,...

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