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Sister Wives Essay

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When the term marriage is brought up in casual conversation many minds jump straight to husband, wife, three point five children and a family dog. After the controversial airing of the show sister wives, however, the term is stretched to mean much different and unconventional meaning. Sisterwives, or Plural Marriage, are terms commonly used in the religion and social group of Polygamist Mormons. The majority of this country sees this as a convictable offence toward women, toward the sanctity of marriage, and towards the welfare of the nation.
From the view of women who live this lifestyle, from "sister wives" this choice of Plural marriage can be an extremely beneficial thing, covering the ...view middle of the document...

Most families have the stressors of the cost of living viruses’ minimum wage weighing down on their possibility of savings. In a polygamist home, where there are more than two working adults in the home, more money is brought in. in the example of the family on the new television show, sister wives on TLC, there are three wives to one husband, leaving four working adults. The mean income of the United States in the year 2011 was almost 70,000 dollars for peoples over the age of 15. In a home with only two parents, that’s almost 150,000 a year, divided by about 5 people (two adults and 3 children) that’s 30,000 each a year. If each of the people in the multiple marriage home featured on the show made the national average, of 70 grand, each child, of which in their home is 16, its 22,000 per person a year. This may seem like a loss, but however this is with only one mortgage payment, less cars per group of people, and food split between the families (which when bought in bulk, does average out to less money spent).
Although these make for convincing reasons to try the unique lifestyle, like any conventional family, the unconventional has flaws of its own. Examiners who have seen and analyzed both sides of this life say that often, multiple or "plural" marriage is really used for the sexual gratification of men, and somewhat an excuse for multiple sexual partners. With each wife younger than...

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