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Sabrina, Daphne and Puck were sitting on the floor of the living room in Granny’s house, where Sabrina and Daphne’s parents had left them for a short trip involving their mother’s sister in Australia. Granny and Mr. Clay had left them alone in the house for a while to get grocery’s (and a lot of water bottles).They were reading the old journals, trying to find any new information about Everafters and writing every new find in their own journals, sweating rivers of liquid, as the day was amazingly hot, breaking the 4 year heat record in Ferryport Landing. No one really wanted to do much except lie down on the couch with a lot of paper fans and water. Sabrina had been leafing through Jacob Grimm II’s journal, sighing as she put the book down for the eleventh time, as Puck had gulped down all of the water in one gulp and was rudely demanding more.
“Hey, ugly, get me some more water.” Puck commanded.*
“No. I’m tired of running back and forth getting food and water for you. Besides, you didn’t say please.” Sabrina replied, getting annoyed at his continuous commands.
“Fine. Please?”
“But you said-”
“Enough!” Daphne said, breaking the argument, “I can’t concentrate with so much noise. Puck, just go get the water yourself.”
“Ugh. You Grimm ladies make me work too much.”
Sabrina snorted loudly, “Yeah, and all of the work you’ve done done so far is doodling and writing ‘Puck is awesome’ all over the page.”
“That’s because I am awesome. Duh.”
“Um, no.”
“Am too”
“Are not”
“Am too”
“Okay guys, can we concentrate on our work please?” Daphne said, getting a little irked at their constant banter.
“Okay, okay, sheesh marshmallow. No need to get mad.” Puck teased as he left for the kitchen to get his water.
Sabrina looked at the large pile of unread journals, groaning. There was a lot of reading left to do. She picked up the first one on the unread pile and read: Wilhelm Grimm's Journal.
“Daphne, didn’t we read this one already?” she asked.
“Well, yeah, but we didn’t really read the whole thing, so I put it in the unread pile.”
Sabrina sighed and resignedly began to read aloud the first entry:

“Jan 2nd

Today, I went out to the shipyard to find our ship, A New Beginning, to make sure it would be able to take our many Everafters to the new country, now called America.”
"How long ago was this?" Daphne asked.
"I don't know. A really long time ago, I guess."
Sabrina kept reading aloud:...

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