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Sit In Breach Essay

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A breaching experiment is arguably the best way to obtain data of the sociological reactions exhibited towards a fracture in the perceived social normality. Commonly, people are able to enjoy a leisurely stroll from store to store in a shopping mall with little or no obstructions in their path. Faced with the encumbrance of someone hindering their stroll, how would they react? This is the question we strived to answer. First, we had to decide how we were going to impede their travels. The settlement ended being relatively simple; just sit down in the middle of the walkway. But that wasn’t quite enough to suite what we were looking for. There had to be something else being done while sitting to dupe one’s emotions so they would attempt to interact with us. We came to the choice to burry our head in our hands in what appeared to be emotionally distraught manner in an attempt to invoke interaction. Second, we had to choose a semi-crowded place to perform this breach. We settled on the Oak Park Mall located on the corner of 95th Street and Quivira Road. Third, it had to be decided what specific place the experiment would take place in the mall. The ending results were two areas within the mall on the two separate floors in an attempt to avoid reoccurring people from seeing us. We posted up in front of the Verizon Wireless Kiosk on the first floor and in front of the Zumez store on the second floor. The trials took place on March 18th of 2010 and on March 22nd of the same year at around two o’clock on both of the dates.
Our results often ended in people straight up ignoring us, which one would assume to be a common reaction. Confronted with the initial choice of what to do when someone is doing something odd, people are very often directed towards the option to ignore. It is a way to detach one’s self from the incident to where the only evidence it happened is a memory. Another common reaction was the infamous double take. Many a passerby would look back at what they just passed obviously perplexed by what they had seen.
Many of the reactions were noticeably different between people of varying physical appearances and perceived social...

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