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Websites designs are always changing and it can be difficult to keep up. Website designers must always keep up with the latest trendses and looks. You could think of website design like clothing facion were you must always have the best a newest things.
The unfornet thing is that the website owner begins to stop thinking of looks and begins think of other thing like content. Although the content is important design is is agreeable more important than one thinks. Lets quickly look at a typical user surfing the web and see what goes thorough the mind.
Jack is surfing the internet for new car. He searches for a red car and comes across site A. The description of the site looks good in his search engine so he clicks and goes to the site. He comes across a bleak white back page with some text and pictures. Even if the content the site is good the look feels unprofessional and outdated. Think of your website as your brick and morder store front. If the windows are dirty the sidewalk is full of leves and cob webs hang on the door the person will probably just move on.
Now jack counties his search and find another interesting site (B) description and clicks. He is presented with nice smooth red background and easy navigation. The site looks and feels professional and friendly. Jack will keep going through the site.
In the case of websites people do judge it by its cover. You can't be stuck in the 90's with a basic html page, things change just like everything else and if you want people to come in you must follow the trend.

If you search around the internet you are bound to find mind numming websites that make you want to step away. Alone the way I will give you a few examples of theses sites so you know what to stay away from. It not that hard however to come across one of these sites just by searching.

There are a few basic tips when you build or re-design a site to keep in mind. (In no particular order)

• Always keep the user in mind
• Be simplistic but not that simple that it is boring (More on that later)
• “Just because you can does not mean you should”
• Try not to open any new windows for the users.
• Keep everything on the website try not to open documents like PDF's or word documents it just the user will lose the experience of the site.
• Keep every page the same, same color sceem, navigation, ext. We will explain more on how to do this but keep in mind that CSS is your friend.
• Don't use a lot of movement, to much movement can drive the user right out of your site.
• Keep your background a nice smooth or gradient color, or even a cool smooth picture like wall paper but not to wild.
• Break up your site don't make it one long page that takes forever to load and navagate.
• Make it interesting and intuitive, dynamic, social just don't go wild.
• And more which we will cover as we go.

Those are just a few examples of what to keep in mind but there is much more.

Now that we have the...

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