"Sitting Bull" This Is More Of A Biography Of Sitting Bull Though The Assignment Was About How He Is A "Hero". It Would Have Been An A Paper If It Was Just About His History.

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Sitting Bull was the supreme Indian during his time. He was a chief and holy man under whom the Lakota tribes came in coalition in their struggle for survival on the northern plains, Sitting Bull remained defiant toward American military power and scornful of American promises to the end. At a place Lakota called "Many Caches" for they had dug there, Sitting Bull was given the name Tatanka-Iyotanka, which describes a buffalo bull sitting stubbornly on its haunches. He would live up to throughout his life up to a name.Amazingly, at a young age, Sitting Bull became a leader of the Strong Heart warrior society and, later, a distinguished member of the Silent Eaters, a group concerned with tribal welfare. He first went to battle at age 14, in a raid on the Crow, and he saw his first encounter with American soldiers, when the army mounted an extensive movement in vengeance for the Santee Rebellion, in which Sitting Bull's people played no part. The next year Sitting Bull fought bravely against U.S. troops again, at the Battle of Killdeer Mountain, and he led a blockade against the recently reputable Fort Rice in present day North Dakota. Widely respected for his bravery for his bravery and insight, he became head chief of the Lakota nation.Sitting Bull's courage and audacity was legendary. Once, during a battle with soldiers protecting railroad workers on the Yellowstone River, Sitting Bull led four other warriors out between the lines, sat calmly and evenly sharing a pipe with them as bullets buzzed around, carefully reamed the pipe out when they were finished, and then casually walked away. The stage was set for war between Sitting Bull and the U.S. Army in 1874, when an expedition confirmed that gold had been discovered in the Black Hills of Dakota Territory, an area sacred to many tribes...

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Indian Chief Sitting Bull. Essay

621 words - 2 pages tribes and white invaders. Sitting Bull was soon to be known for his bravery and leadership in battle. His tribe also admired his generosity and wisdom.After he gained the trust and respect of the Sioux Tribe, Sitting Bull became the leader of the Strong Heart Warrior society. In the first year as the leader, he expanded the Sioux hunting grounds. This not only brought the Sioux tribe more food, it let them expand onto the land that had been taken

Sitting Bull and the Paradox of Lakota Nationhood

2741 words - 11 pages humans to exaggerate. I also like how Anderson uses the Indian vocabulary for different words throughout the book. It was confusing at first but I got use to it and found it fun to be able to know a couple Lakota words.I would most definitely recommend this book to some one who wants to learn about the Lakota's and Sitting Bull but for that reason only. This was not what I would call an easy read although it is on the short side. The history is so

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1028 words - 5 pages Bull truly is. It is not fully known what year Sitting Bull was born, but he was born with a different name than Sitting Bull. When Sitting Bull was first born his name was “Jumping Badger” (5). The importance of the relationships between the different tribes is a major theme throughout the book. Under the name the Sioux, which the US has put many different tribes into, there are many that have rivals and alliances. The tribes that included under