Situation Analysis And Problem Statement: Global Communications Corporation

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Situation Analysis and Problem StatementThis paper deals with the issue faced by the telecommunications company known as Global Communications. Global Communications competes in and industry that is known for unusual competitive pressures and very quick changes in technology. However, as stated by Dennis Drogseth (2005, p. 52) "The challenges faced by global networks have more to do with management and process than with pure technology." This paper will address the issue faced by Global Communications and explore the issues and opportunities available to Global Communications management. I will also explore some stake-holder views, and finally provide a proper problem statement followed by my opinion of what should be the goals of Global Communications.Situation Background (Step 1)The telecommunication industry has experienced rapid growth and an accompanying huge investment in transmission capacity. This growth has put tremendous economic pressure on the telecommunications industry, and Global Communications is not immune. In addition the telecommunications industry has fallen under huge competitive pressures from cable companies who are now providing competitive services in areas such as telephones, computers and television. All this competition has reduced wall streets confidence in Global Communications and resulted in a 60% depreciation in its stock value. Indent paragraphs five spaces vs. three.Global Communications has responded to this pressure with a suite of new calling features, local and long distance service and by entering new international markets. All with mixed results. The situation with Global Communications is not unique. In todays (today's) global environment many companies, due to increased competition, must reduce costs in order to remain competitive. As a response Global Communications has developed a plan to out-source its call centers to India and Ireland. In addition Global Communications has developed a partnership with satellite providers to offer new services such as video and broadband connections that will allow small businesses to anytime internet access using wireless telephones or PC cards.In order to implement these changes Global Communications will need to inform its domestic union represented workforce of the impending reduction in the union workforce. This will not be an easy task given that the union leadership was left out of the decision-making process and have recently agreed to reduced education and medical benefits in order to help the company. The lack of communications with the union could easily become an issue very quickly as the union is not very happy with the impending loss of jobs.Issue IdentificationThere are several issues that Global Communications will face when trying to implement their turnaround plan:* First, is the issue of the disgruntled union employees. As the union learned of the planned reduction in the workforce, they have become understandably agitated. Global communications...

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2803 words - 11 pages ). Starbucks plan for growth is similar to Global Communications. Starbucks balanced employee needs with the need to grow the organization. Seeking employee input , training, and providing an atmosphere of respect has allowed Starbucks to realize growth while being named among as one of the top 10 "America's Most Admired Companies by Fortune Magazine (Hammers, 2003). General Electric used a concept of team problem solving to identify issues throughout the

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1731 words - 7 pages union and expressed the company's need to profit and grow. In an email sent to the VP of the Worker's Union, he stated that Global Communications "can't do that without committed employees." (University of Phoenix, 2007) This statement was presented with the knowledge that the company would be downsizing. "The strategy will benefit the members with higher salaries and more career opportunities." (University of Phoenix, 2007) The senior leadership


1781 words - 7 pages Gap Analysis: Global Communications"Mega-giant Global Communications announced yesterday that it would outsource thousands of technical support jobs to new call centers in Ireland and India" (University of Phoenix, 2006, p. 6). This type of news headlines major newspapers across the country. Outsourcing has become a dirty word, and Global Communications (GC) is learning through experience. Stockholders of Global Communications are lamenting over

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4645 words - 19 pages problem statement is necessary in order to frame the right problem. The most appropriate problem statement for Global is "Global Communications will become an international leader in the telecommunications industry, by realizing growth through the introduction of new services". This statement serves as a foundation for the corporation by stating where the company lacks, the company's objectives, and the company's goals. This will serve as a foundation