Case Study On Recruitment And Select Staff

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Q1)Comment on John's interviewing practices.John is a person who works in the investment department at Palm Enterprises as a financial analyst for 2 years. Because of John has no knowledge and experience in human resource areas, therefore his interview process has gone unprofessional and unacceptable. Below are the 10 issues that he did totally wrong.1.No experience and trainingA well-designed interview must conduct by a right person who has done a formal interview training recently and has essential skills to conduct an interview such as good communication skills, listening skills and interpersonal skills.2.Take time to read resumes during each interviewInterviewers must read resumes before the entire interview process begins and review each of them before each interview commences. In candidate's point of view, take time to read resumes during each interview means that the interviewer is unprofessional and disorganised.3.John judges applicants based on his feeling and intuitive senseInterview is not about judgement. It is about finding a right person to fill in the job vacancy. In the interview process, feeling can not make judgement on candidates. Interviewers should concentrate on their qualifications, experience, attitude, ability, skills and knowledge. In addition, if candidates appear to move about in their chair or hold their arms, it doesn't mean anything. It is just because they are still not comfortable with the surrounding atmosphere.4.John's sitting posture is not appropriateA professional interviewer must sit straight with their hands on table and face towards the applicants. Also never leans back in chair and puts feet on the table because this makes applicants feel that they are not being respected.5.No interview structureJohn asked a tough question at the beginning of the interview which put applicants at a stress situation where they tend not to disclose all information. Therefore, John should adopt a well-designed interview structure which includes opening, body and closing.Opening:-Explain the purpose of the interview-Brief outline the history of the organisation-Ask generally questions to bring interviewee into the rapport zoneE.g. How did you travel to here this morning?Body:-Listen carefully-Question with a purpose-Summarise-ProbeClosing:-Does the applicant have questions?-Explain the next step-Thank6.No listening to what applicants saidWhen applicant is answering the question, John mentally tunes out in preparation for the next question. This shows John is not listening carefully to the applicant's respond. In the interview process, listening is the most important skill of an interviewer, and allowing the interviewee to think rather than rushing in because as an interviewer wants to do the listening and know more about the interviewee.7.Ask sensitive questions eg. marital status, family backgroundDuring the interview process with applicants, John asks about applicant's family background and marital status which are not the...

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