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The officers are lack of motivation. There are 3 factors that make up motivation, of which none were satisfied. First, there is no direction because the task is not goal-oriented. That is, there no direction for the employees to perform the tasks. Therefore inadequate efforts are allocated to the completion of tasks and continuing of that effort is always hard because there is no specific goal to aim for.The work they do on the streets give them power and makes them "get noticed" thus gives them self-esteem, this motivates them to work hard. However, the report doesn't give them any self satisfaction except the completion of duties. In other words, they have a high need for socialised power because they desire power as a mean of protecting the citizens in the society. For them to have strong motivation to complete the paperwork, drive to acquire is the most important factor that needs to be recognised. Managers should specify that not only will the physical work give them the status and recognition in society, but the paperwork will also gain them the respect.For the officers to really put effort in the paperwork, they first have to have the E to P expectancy that their efforts will be valued. To increase the belief that employees are able to perform the job successfully, training can be provided. Next, they must be convinced that the completion of the report will produce the desired outcome (P to O expectancy). Although the winning of a case is not determined entirely by the paperwork, it is still the major factor. Employees must be convinced that job performance will be measured accurately and higher performance will result in higher reward. Since the paperwork is all individual work, rewards must be based on individual performance outcomes and goals. Therefore, the performance-based rewards must be individual reward that is closely aligned to their self-interests. In designing the reward system, employees' opinions should be the main determinate. This ensures that the rewards are valued by the employees and they therefore have the incentives to work hard. Managers must regularly communicate the existence of a performance-based reward system to employees. For the officer's situation, the rewards could be based on the number of successful winning cases the employees can win based on their reports.They have not developed accurate role perceptions. Although they understand the specific task assigned to them, they are unconscious of their responsibilities and didn't realise the important of those tasks. The completion of accurate and detailed reports is very important for further court analysis and provides a judgemental effect for case convictions. In order to develop accurate role perceptions, management must set clear job descriptions and ongoing training to make employees become more aware of their responsibilities.Goal setting is very important in order for employees to head to the right direction. Goals must be specific and relevant as well...

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