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Case Study: Transformed Vs. Nontransformed E Business

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Finally, integrate what you learned during your research and group discussions into a 4-6 page study. Your study should identify the two companies and should tell which is more transformed and how it is transformed. Then, your study should describe a.) the differences in strategies between the two companies, b.) the transforming process of each of the companies, c.) the potential opportunities and risks of each of the two companies, and d.) the effects associated with the different strategies the two companies are using.Becoming an e-business puts new demands on the information technology platform that runs your company. As long as you have an internet platform that is reliable, scalable, flexible and secure, you will have no trouble staying competitive in this growing internet economy (Ameinfo, 2000). According to Beckman and Hirsch, 2005, visual aspects are as important as the content that is presented on a web site. A balance between relevant information and imagery that is appealing and functional. The topics and information that are presented should be relevant and dynamic. A static web site that does not change or update is one that is lost among the shuffle. Any links and or files should be in an accessible and usable format and the links should work correctly. A web site is the window to the company through the eyes of the internet and the user. Overall it is still better to have a lacking website that can be worked on and improved than no website at all. Also, the web site should be accessible and creditable.The two companies our group chose for our study were JEG'S and Horsepower by Herman. As you look at the two websites it quickly becomes evident which one is transformed and which one is untransformed. We chose as our transformed company for a number of reasons. It provides complex, feature-rich applications that not only provide content and automate business processes such as selling and purchasing, but also provide personalization and collect data for analysis (Microsoft Technet, 2002). On the other hand, is a very unappealing site at first glance. It seems to lacking some key components. There is minimal visual on the site as a whole and usually 1-3 items per page. Does not draw a strong initial reaction and not memorable as a local to go back to for additional information. Secondly would be that although the links are consistent and work often time the link leads to a dead end of sorts since most of them are under construction and do not provide any additional information. Finally would be that the site does not actually provide a direct service to the host company or a product. Any desire to get a product or service is referred out to other companies that do (Schoen, 2006).The two companies have very different business strategies. JEG'S has utilized the internet to promote their business. They followed the well-known rules for website usability as put forth by Jakob Nielsen, the father of website...

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