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Situational Approach: Assessment Of A Case Study

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Northouse’s (2013) book presents a case study of a training series at a pharmaceutical company. The training specialist, Jim Anderson, realized his approach with attendees was not effective half through the series. The purpose of this paper is to analyze the training series using the Situational Approach. The attendees’ development level and Jim’s initial leadership style will be identified. Using the leadership perspective, weaknesses in Jim’s approach will be identified and potential changes recommended.
The Situational Approach to leadership focuses on the leader’s ability to assess and adapt to the demands of a situation. Hersey, Blanchard, and Johnson (2009) stated no one leadership ...view middle of the document...

Another label for this style is encouraging since it focuses on relationship behaviors with few task or directive behaviors (Ramkissoon, 2013). This style aligns with one of Jim’s goals for the training which is to encourage attendance to future training opportunities.
Despite Jim’s goal to foster future training attendance, he did not recognize the managers’ lack of committee to trainings created from past experiences. Jim’s style of leadership does not fit the attendees’ development level. Selecting an inappropriate style limited Jim’s leadership effectiveness (Hersey et al., 1996 as cited by Ramkissoon, 2013). As a result, the training fall apart by week four of the series leaving Jim’s goals unaccomplished and reinforces the attendees’ lack of committee.
Recommendations for the Situation
The managers have limited commitment but Jim’s goal is to increase their readiness. Thus, the recommendation is for Jim to use varying styles of leadership throughout the series to create a positive change. Chamberlin (2013) parallels Lewin’s change model with Blanchard et al.’s Situational Leadership II model to show readiness levels can be influence by leadership styles. Using various styles of the Situational Approach allows Jim to match and guide the commitment level of the attendees achieving his goal.
Using a directing style of leadership during the initial part of the series let Jim and the managers to focus on the task. Hersey et al. (2009) stated task behaviors allow leaders to define roles and establish expectations (as cited in Ramkissoon, 2013). This prepares the way for change with Jim guiding the process. Next, a coaching style balances task behaviors (directing) with support behaviors...

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