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Huckleberry Finn has been referred to as an excellent piece of American history. It is a wonderful story and an accurate account of American culture. Unfortunately there are those who want to change this story, not only in schools but worldwide. Not for the better though, to censor all the "politically incorrect phrases". To ruin a wonderful deep story! Huckleberry Finn should not be censored because history should not be forgotten or changed, that students should not be denied useful literature and knowledge of history, also American culture should be preserved and understood by all, and finally to not be so shallow, see into the time period and understand the depth behind the story.
In a article (Huck Finn censorship and the n-word controversy #1)there was a son who was writing a essay about Huck Finn, and he used a variety of racially offensive words. The mother was especially not acceptable of her sons writing. She said "You can't write this! It sounds racist!" Were in fact it was just quotes from the book, and totally unbiased. Also not to mention to constant use of "broken english". Which was true, his essay simply contained quotes and was no were in fact meant to be racist. Later in the article it was stated; "That American's are so hung up on political correctness, we need to lighten up". Yet another true fact. People are so concerned with the right words, that they forget about that just maybe there is a meaning behind them. Also how can students learn about history
Jacob #2correctly if it is sanitized for them. They would get a inaccurate sense of history. That would be totally unacceptable, there is a quote that applies to this situation; "Those who don't know of history, are doomed to repeat it."
That is what exactly what would happen if Huck Finn was censored. Students would be ignorant of true history. Even if history was terrible and racist, it still should be known. The only way to get Americans to deal openly and honestly with prejudice, is to force students to know uncomfortable and unpleasant terms. (New Huckleberry Finn edition censors n-word #2)Racial terms were used, and the fact that they were should not be sugarcoated. Furthermore censorship would lower the authenticity and originality of the book. Back during the time period the "n-word" was used frequently and openly and accepted as normal language. And censorship would eliminate any and all possibly offensive words. That they should be replaced, with examples of instead of slave and injun to be replaced with "people". It would be wrong to do that, it is a lie of what happened in the past. Also it has been said since there is an increase of black students in recent years, that it means censorship has even more reason to be implemented. Because it is racist to show to "black students". That in itself is racist! Because there are more black students we should change a part of history and bury...

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