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Six Day War Essay

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The war, which started in April of 1967, may have created a new Middle-East, but it was nothing new to the people as tension between Arab and Israel’s nation started long back. As Jordan’s King Hussein said it in a UN General Assembly after the war, “Today’s war is not a new war, but part of the old war.” The conflict in 1967 was for the very similar reasons that caused the 1st Arab-Israeli war. In fact, most the combatants are the same which includes Israel, Egypt, Jordan, Syria, Iraq, and other Arab States. There are many causes of the Six Day War and some which overlapped and was kind of a continuation of the first two wars. First, the war in 1948, in which Arab rejected the right ...view middle of the document...

The first event to outset the tensions between Arabs and the Israelis is when Israel launched a major attack on Syrian artillery and terrorist bases in Golan Heights. As a result, six MIG fighters were killed. Before leading to this event, Syria and Egypt, has signed an Arab Defense Pact on May 4th, 1966, in which Jordan will join at a later time. After Syria was attacked, Soviet Union gave some very useful information to the Syrian government. Soviet Union stated that Israelis are trying to invade the Syrian border and preparing to attack Syria. As mentioned above about the defense pact, Egypt was brought into the mess as Syria felt threatened. Therefore, Egypt builds up the troops “in and around the Suez Canal.” Egypt, Syria, and Jordan declared states of emergency. On May 18 1967, Egypt puts the troops into Sinai and demands UN to leave. Few days later, on May 22nd, Nasser closed the Straits of Tiran to Israeli’s shipping. It isolates the Israeli port city of Eliat. Due to this, United Stated President, Lyndon B. Johnson calls the blockade “illegal and disastrous for the peace.” President Johnson also warns Israel not to attack first. After a few days later, Arab nation’s army moves closer towards the Israeli’s border. As with any war, the media play an important role in encouraging the country to go to war. Arab media, including newspapers and radios carried out propaganda war against Israel. It was very convincing that Arab nation had to go to war with Israel. By June 4th, Israel was surrounded by Arab forces and the war was fast approaching. Now, you are probably wondering how did they fight? How terrifying it was? The answer to this will be in the following writing on the war itself.
Six Day War was one of the most influential wars in the 20th century. “The war between Israel and its Arab neighbors in June 1967 bursts upon an unsuspecting world as suddenly as a summer storm.” The war included many military vessels including air attacks, naval vessels and tanks, which played a major role in the war. On June 5th, at about 7:45am, Israel launched an airstrike on the Arab forces . Nobody had expected this type of attack because it was just a surprising and a very instant. Israeli fighters destroyed 400 Arabs planes in the first day of war while they only lost 19. After constantly striking Arab forces and sort of winning, they assured themselves that they had the supremacy in the air throughout the war. Immediately following this, Israel forces moved into the Sinai Peninsula and Gaza Strip, where Egyptian armies were preparing for the war. War was getting closer to the Jordan front and Israel had sent a message to King Hussein of Jordan to stay out of the struggle. However, before this Nasser was already one step ahead of Israel. He had contacted Hussein and encouraged him to be a part of this conflict. As a result, at 11:00am on June 5, “Jordanian troops attacked the Israeli half of Jerusalem with...

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