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The State of Israel, one of the youngest countries in today’s world, is no stranger to conflict. Prior to the removal of the British Mandatory Palestine tension between the Palestinians and the Jews were high as immigrants from Europe flooded into Palestinian territory.
With the British pulling out of Palestine and with the United Nations General Assembly’s 181 resolution Israel was able to declares its independence in 1948. Two millennium ago that the Jewish people were forced out by the Romans, as of 1948 they have officially returned to their home land. For Zionists this was a major cross road in history but it was apparent that their trip was far from over.
The day following Israel’s declaration of independence came the 1948 Arab-Israeli War. It was from this war and future conflicts that the Israel’s learned and grew into a formidable force. The constant threat of inhalation served as an excellent motivator and lead to the overwhelmingly successful air campaign, Operation Moked, during the Six Day War.

As the Ottoman Empire came to its end in the first quarter of the 1900s the conditions were set for immediate conflict between the newly formed countries. Great Britain and France drew boarders haphazardly through the Sykes-Picot agreement and they failed to take into account the people and their culture. Additional with the Balfour Declaration of 1917 the foundation was set for a Jewish state within Palestine. This was not welcomed by a single Arab state as conflicts between the Palestinians and the Jews continued to rise.
Jews continued to flood into Palestine and all for different reasons. Some were Zionist and wanted nothing more than to create a Jewish State, others were fleeing persecution in Europe in search of a better life. Palestinians, indifferent to the reason for Jewish migration, slowly started to lose their grasp on their majority position. The migration did nothing except lessen British control of the situation and increase the friction as Palestinians saw even more of their land being consumed.
The British administration made the announcement that they would release the Mandate for Palestine in May of 1948, with that the UN declared that if would subdivide Palestine into a separate Jewish and Arab State. With the Jewish State being officially formed on 14 May 1948 came the First Arab-Israeli War. Arab efforts to expunge the Jews was an obvious failure as the Israelis held 50% more land, at the end of the conflict, than they would have under the UN partition.
After the 1949 armistice agreement Israel and her neighbors found themselves in a constant feud over territory and water. Israel continued to grow as did its need to import goods and produce crops making water a point of contention in number of ways. In 1956 the Israelis were involved in the Sinai campaign, an effort to reopen an Egyptian blockade of its essential port in Eilat. In 1965-1966 multiple conflicts...

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