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Six Diverse Styles Of Leadership Essay

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“Leadership is the ability to inspire confidence and support among the people who are needed to achieve organizational goals” (DuBrin). In order to be classified as an effective leader, one must also be an effective manager. Effective leadership is proven to have the most results when using flexibility throughout the mission. There are six diverse styles of leadership which are significant ways to get results. These six styles consist of coercive, authoritative, affiliative, democratic, pacesetting, and coaching. Leading is a term that defines the daily actions of people happening around the world every day. The concentration a leader has is to get results. You need be aware that any form of results may possibly take time, therefor patience is a key. “Every business person knows a story about a highly intelligent, highly skilled executive who was promoted into a leadership position only to fail at the job. They also know a story about someone with solid—but not extraordinary—intellectual abilities and technical skills who was promoted into a similar position and then soared” (Goleman). Any person can use these six most effective types of leadership skills to be successful in their journey of attaining their mission. These types of leadership skills stem from a term called emotional intelligence. Emotional Intelligence is four capabilities which help the results of leading effectively and distinctively. Those who were found leading by the emotional intelligence were found to be much more outstanding, and those who lacked the set of emotional intelligence were underachieved. Effective leaders are attainable; however it will also rely on quality of performance, experience, motivation, and desire to acquire success. Jeffrey Preston Bezos was a person who embodies the description of effective leadership.
Jeffrey Bezos whom was the founder and CEO of had a vision. Amazon was opened up to the world on July 16, 1995. It was said to be earth’s biggest book store that transformed into the biggest anything store. By September of that year, the organization was improving and the sales were up to twenty thousand dollars a week. “Bezos and his team continued to increase their popularity by updating additional unheard-of features such as one-click shopping, customer reviews, and e-mail order verification” (American Academy of Achievement). In the year 2000, the internet stock market had some difficulties. They faced a crisis known as the Internet Bubble Burst which was a rough time for any Internet Technology organization. The amazon organization made it a priority to stay focused, so that their customers wouldn’t have to gain a feeling of disappointment. In September of 2003, Amazon publicized the formation of A9. This project aimed at developing a commercial search engine on focusing on E-commerce websites. The websites allowed them to expand the market by offering many brand name retail sales at fair prices. A9 was an ideal investment for the...

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