Six Steps For The General Election In Malaysia

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According to the Election Commission of Malaysia, there are six steps for the General Election in Malaysia. It consists of the issuance of the writ, nomination of candidates, election campaign, polling, counting of votes, announcement of results.
Firstly, a writ to the Returning Officer will be issued by the Election Committee under the Elections Act 1958 after the dissolution of the Parliament or a State Legislative Assembly or in the event of a casual vacancy. The returning officer can conduct the elections then. A notice of election will be announced and posted in public places for citizens to view. The notices must include some information such as date of nomination and date of polling. In the case of date of polling, instead of the regular polling date, there will be an advanced voting date for those who absent on the exact polling date.
Next, the process of nomination. The presentation of the candidates, proposer and seconder or from any one or two of them’ form for the returning officer is a must between 9am to 10am on nomination day. The nomination forms must be accompanied by a statutory declaration. A deposit of RM10,000 to contest for a parliamentary seat and RM5,000 for a state seat have to be made by the candidates. Assistant Returning Officers will assist the returning officers to ensure that the candidates are eligible and qualified for standing in elections. The examples of disqualifications are an undischarged bankrupt, of unsound mind, or that he has relinquished his citizenship. The returning officer have to announce the names of candidates and their parties contesting the Parliamentary and State constituencies election after the necessary checking. The returning Officer will announce the election’s winner without contest if only one candidate is qualified to stand for election in a constituency.
The third step in the general election is the election campaign. The campaigning period begins immediately as the eligible candidates on nomination day are announced. It has to be end at midnight before polling day. They can promote their campaign by affixing of posters, talks, distribution of pamphlets, and campaigning from house to house. Other requirements for the candidates so far are to pay the campaign materials deposit for Parliamentary seats (RM 5,000) and for state seats (RM 3,000). If the campaign materials are cleared within 14 days of polling, the candidates will receive back these deposits otherwise it will be used to clean up the city; however, if there is any balance from the clean up, it will be returned to the concerned party. Of course, the permits from the local police authorities must be obtained before the candidates and parties conducting public talks.
The following step is the polling process. There will be an advance polling date held three days before the regular polling date. Absent voters from the Armed Forces and their wives, the Police Field Force and their spouses and members of the Royal Malaysian...

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