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"Six Degrees Of Separation" Final Essay

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In the review of the play Six Degrees of Separation by John Guare, Thomas Disch says "I did not much like the play." He continues to add "Guare's drama may, in fact, be a fair representation of the state of the communal conscience of the generality of patrons of Lincoln Center at the close of the Regan era. If so, I can understand why most of the time they prefer to attend the ballet." Disch means that Six Degrees insults the upper-middle-class and they would not want to see the play. I both agree and disagree with Disch's statement. In the beginning of the play, the rich upper-class are insulted because they are portrayed as shallow people, but throughout the play, some characters of the upper-class are transformed into deep feeling characters.When the main characters are introduced in the beginning of the play, the upper- class is depicted as lacking emotion towards people of lower classes. When Flan and Ouisa are talking to Geoffrey about visiting his coal mines in Africa, Ouisa says "Are you sure they're worst off? I mean, we've come all this way. We don't want to see people just mildly victimized by apartheid. We demand shock." This quote best describes how they don't care about anyone who can't benefit them. They appear to be people who view the poor as animals and not the humans they are. Also, they seam to be friend with people because of what they have and not because of who they are. Ouisa says " Having a rich friend is like drowning and your friends makes life boats. But the friend gets touchy if you say one word... We were afraid our South African friend might say you only love me for my life boats?" Ouisa is describing how they make acquaintances with people because of what they have or what they can offer them. This is almost as shocking as watching the poorest of the poor dying in the sheets. One of the only reasons Flan and Ouisa befriend Paul is because they think they can benefit by knowing...

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