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In 1985 Dr. Edward deBono invented a revolutionary way of thinking; Six Thinking Hats. The Six Hats are a powerful and important form of decision-making. Instead of making a decision-based on a few ideas, the Six Hats forces one to move outside one's comfort zone of critical thinking and helps explore other avenues. This type of thinking brings creativity, emotions, intuitiveness, negative and positives together in order to make a well-rounded and informed decision.The Six Hats represent six different ways of thinking and should be used proactively rather then reactively. This form of thinking encourages performance rather than ego but most importantly, the Six Hats are a direction of thinking instead of a label for thinking and can be used for any situation.When looking at problems using the Six Hats, one must use all steps in order to solve the problem. Each hat has a different function or style of thinking and each hat must be worn in order to fully benefit from the technique.- White Hat: When wearing this hat the focus is on facts, informational needs, figures and gaps. Learn from the data and analyze previous trends, what information is needed and how can it be obtained.- Red Hat: Wearing the red hat covers emotions, feelings and intuitions. When in this mode one needs to explore how others might react emotionally to the decision. Team members are allowed to present their views without fear of retribution or having to explain or justify their thoughts- Black Hat: Judgment, caution, critical and looking for flaws are the focus on this hat. This is the negative hat. The black hat helps make plans resilient and helps eliminate or alter the weak points. The black hat uses logic rather then emotion.- Yellow Hat: The yellow hat is the optimistic viewpoint. This looks at the benefits, values and positives of the problem or solution.- Green Hat: When wearing this hat one needs to be creative. This hat helps one think outside of the box, finds alternatives, and has a free style of thinking. This is the new ideas come from, the hypothesis and possibilities arise.- Blue Hat: This hat means control. Wearing the blue hat should be done when people are running into difficulties or when the group needs to be redirected to another hat in order to do more thinking on a particular issue. An interesting technique of the blue hat allows the thinkers to view the problem from other professionals such as customers, doctors or whatever ones business is.When using this technique in a group setting it is important to remember that all members must wear the same hat at the same time. This focuses everyone's thoughts, intelligence, knowledge and experience on one section and everyone's skills are fully utilized.The leading obstacle to effective and critical thinking is one's ego. A person can use their thoughts to show off one's ego. Thinking can be used as a form of aggression in order to get their own way. Thinking can be used to show ones' cleverness or...

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731 words - 3 pages Theory of Inventive Problem Solving. (L. Shulyak, Trans.) Worcester, MA: Technical Innovation Center.Bestefield, D. H., Besterfield-Michna, C., Besterfield, G.H., & Besterfield-Sacre, M. (1999) Total Quality Mangement, 2nd ed. Upper Saddle River, NJ: Premtice Hall.Brassard, M (1998). The Memory Jogger Plus + Methuen: Goal/QPC.DeBono, E. (1995). Six Thinking Hats. Boston: Little, Brown and Company.Domb, E. R. (1998, December). "7 New Tools." Quality Digest

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