Skeletal Disorders Case Report

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The patient is a 72 year old female. She has been experiencing progressively worse pain and stiffness in her joints. She is reports that she is having decreased range of motion, redness, and swelling in her joints. She is reports symptoms occur in the same joints on both sides of her body. She is also reporting the symptoms are worse when she first wakes up in the morning.
The symptoms she has given are most likely Rheumatoid Arthritis. Rheumatoid Arthritis symptoms are joint stiffness, joint pain, fatigue, warm swollen, reddish joints, long periods of joint stiffness in the morning is also common. If a joint on one side of the body is affected, the same one on the other side is usually affected too. (, 2013) With rheumatoid arthritis, joint stiffness and other symptoms such as pain or fatigue tend to develop and worsen over several weeks or months. (webmd, 2013) Three processes occur as Rheumatoid Arthritis progresses: first; the lining of the joint becomes inflamed, which causes stiffness, pain, warmth, redness, and swelling around the joint. Severe morning stiffness that can limit your ability to function is one of the first signs of the disease. Second; there is rapid division and growth of cells that cause the synovium to thicken. Third; the inflames cells release enzymes that may digest bone and cartilage which often causes more pain, loss of joint shape and alignment and loss of movement. (webmd, 2013) The severity of the disease varies from person to person. It is a systemic disease that not only makes joints stiff and painful, but can also affect other parts of your body, such as internal organs. (webmd, 2013)
Testing for Rheumatoid Arthritis is done by your doctor or a Rheumatologist. The doctor will assess your joint's mobility. You may be asked to move the joint to check its active range of motion. If the doctor moves the joint to examine its mobility, this is called passive range of motion. Your doctor will also check your joint for swelling, enlargement, and tenderness. Blood tests are also done....

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