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Skewed Justice Essay

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“We live in a world in which justice is skewed.” Justice is when someone gets what they deserved due to an action that they executed. Due to justice not being fair, it is skewed in one way or another when solving a mystery, weather a murder or any other case that may require the detective/officer or the criminal to do something that my be illegal. It may be for the good or bad but, it does not change the fact that an action is illegal. Very rarely cases are solved without twisting or bending a law one way or another. All three of the stories, “Full Circle”, “Wasp’s Nest”, and “The Uderly Perfect Murder” are examples of real cases being solved by skewing the law for the good and/or ...view middle of the document...

A life for a life. However, Harrison did not receive justice in the fact that he loses Molly, his love, and has to die a slow painful death anyway, so, he thought he could make it so that Claude could not have Molly either by having him hung for what seemed like murdering Harrison. It might be unfair that Harrison has to die but it has absolutely nothing to do with justice. Justice was also skewed because Poriot stole from Harrison in order to make sure that no crime was committed (Christie 766). Over all, no justice could actually be served as the punishment for the action of a crime because there was no crime that ended up being committed.
In “The Uderly Perfect Murder” justice was served to Doug because he was given justice and his revenge by knowing that he was better off than the other man. However justice was not technically served because no crime was committed (Bradburry 805). Because no crime was committed no laws needed to be bent in order to fulfill justice. I think that the justice Doug received was the best of all because it did not take murdering someone to see that he had the better end and was indeed better off than the man.
Justice does not always have to come in murder or by committing a crime. Most people who do commit a crime for revenge or whatever the reason may be realize that there were other ways that they could have resolved the matter. For example...

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