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NEW ZEALAND ADVENTURE SPECIALISTS LIMITEDDear Sir/Madame,Will you do us a favour?We are conducting a nationwide survey among individuals visiting New Zealand's ski fields. The purpose of this research is to find out the reasons why people visit New Zealand's ski fields.Your answer will enable the ski resorts to be aware of the requirements of the users and the opinion of nonusers of the facilities, and this in turn will help them to design and improve the environment that satisfy you.Your answers are very important to the accuracy of our research, whether or not you are the user or nonuser of the resorts. It will take only a short time to complete the simple questions on the questionnaire.Of course the answers are all confidential and will be used only in combination with those individuals visiting the ski fields all over New Zealand.Please return the completed questionnaire to the information office at your earliest convinces. Your help is much appreciated.Sincerely,Chief DirectorABOUT US...♦ Which ski field did you visit today?MT RUAPEHU Whakapapa TuroaCANTERBURY Temple Basin Ski Area Porter HeightsMount Hutt Ski Area Mount Potts BackcountryWANAKA Treble Cone CardronaQUEENSTOWN Coronet Peak The RemarkablesOther (please specify) _________________________♦ How did you know about this ski field?Came here before New Zealand Information CentreInternet Friends Magazine NewspaperOther (please specify) _________________________♦ How did you get here?Car Rental Car Bus Taxi TrainOther (please specify) _________________________♦ Do you think the transportation around here is (please circle):Very Inconvenience 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 Very Convenience♦ How many days have you skied this season?0 1 - 5 6 - 10 11 - 15 > 15♦ How many years have you been skiing? _________________________♦ Are you a:Skier SnowboarderOther (please specify) _________________________♦ What standard do you consider yourself to be?Beginner Intermediate Advanced Expert♦ Have you skied in New Zealand before?Yes (please specify where) _________________________ No♦ Do you prefer:On-piste/On- trail Off-piste/Off-trail Moguls/HillsSki Touring HeliskiingOther (please specify) _________________________♦ Did you come with a group?Yes No♦ If so, how many people are in your group?__________ Adults (≥ 20) __________ Children (< 20)♦ What is your primary reason for visiting the ski field today?♦ What do you like about this ski field?♦ What...

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