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Skilled Workforce Shortage Essay

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“Despite the slow economy and rising unemployment, 30% of employers surveyed worldwide say they still face skilled-workforce shortages” (Katz 2008). Since this country went into a recession, many companies had to downsize by discharging a significant number of workers, consequently, forcing displaced workers to compete for lower level and lower paying positions. Certain industries are still trying to fill a large number of positions, despite the economic meltdown situation; sadly, many displaced workers may either obtain outdated skills or not have any skills to fill these new positions. For an example, an investment banker that was laid off in Wall Street would not display qualifications to work as an engineer or in energy industries. “Even with U.S. unemployment at or near record levels in many areas, Manpower’s research highlights the problems many employers have in finding individuals with the right combination of job-specific skills, experience and training” (Business Journal 2009). Therefore, unemployment may continue to increase, in certain areas, if frustration prompts employers to recruit in other parts of the country rather than utilizing local human capital. Many displaced workers may be required to enroll in life-long learning programs to update their skills or learn new trade if they want to successfully return to the workforce or even increase their living wages. Secondary education institutions should use this crisis as an example for preparing students early; however, education deficiencies may increasingly cause a devastating effect. Many will graduate high school with knowledge-based skills deficiencies, and as a consequence, will face worst problems because they will have minimal to no exposure to the job market.

“The 2007 National Assessment of Educational progress found that at least one-third of eighth graders are not prepared for challenging reading and mathematics studies” (Kay 2009). In other words, many middle school students transition to high school unprepared; therefore, will become discouraged to enroll in challenging courses or even drop out of school. “Over 40 percent (42.4 percent) of employer respondents rate the Overall Preparation of high school graduates for the entry-level jobs they fill as “deficient, 45 percent as adequate, and .02 percent as excellent” (Partnership 2006).” If high school students decide to delay any further training beyond high school, a great percentage may be forced to work in lower paying jobs and others may not be able to sustain any stable employment. “Conant claimed that only 15 percent of high school students had the mental ability to take rigorous courses in mathematics, science, and foreign languages” (Reforming 2006). Foreign language is just as important as math and science because the global nature of the economy requires workforce to understand and adapt to the business culture in other countries. “Nearly three-quarters (73 percent) of those CEOs who report having...

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