Skills, Techniques And Strategies For Effective Business Negotiation.

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Abstract:Whether it's with an employer, family member or business, we all negotiate for things each day like higher salary, better service or solving a dispute with a coworker or family member. Here are some negotiation skills, techniques and strategies to help you handle these situations more effectively.Key words: skills techniques strategiesSkills Techniques and Strategies.1. Know Thyself:When you go into a business negotiation, take a personal inventory. How do you feel about negotiation? Do you want to get it over fast? If so, you may give in too quickly, or give away too much. Or, do you want to win, no matter what the cost? If so, you may become adversarial and damage the relationship.2. Do Your Homework:Know who you're negotiating with before you begin. What's his or her reputation as a negotiator? Win/Win model or Win/Lose model? Does the person want to negotiate with you (Oh Boy!), dread the negotiation (Oh No), or is this a neutral situation (Show Me)3. Practice Double and Triple Think:It s not enough to know what you want out of the business negotiation. You also need to anticipate what the other party wants (double think). The smart negotiator also tries to anticipate what the other party thinks you want (triple think).4. Build Trust:Negotiation is a highly sophisticated form of communication. Without trust, there won't be communication. Instead you'll have manipulation and suspicion masquerading as communication. Be trustworthy. Honor your commitments. Tell the truth. Respect confidences.5. Develop External Listening:Most people carry on an inner dialogue with themselves. When you're trying to communicate with someone else, this inner dialogue becomes a problem because you can't listen internally and externally at the same time. When you negotiate, turn off your inner voice and only listen externally. You won't miss important nonverbal messages, facial expressions of voice inflections, when you listen externally.6. Move Beyond Positions:It's risky to make yourself vulnerable to someone. That's why in a negotiation you begin by stating your position. Later, when the trust has deepened, you and the other party can risk more honesty and identify your true interests. As a negotiator, it is your responsibility to ask questions that will uncover the needs or interests of the other party. If you've also done your job of creating a supportive climate, you're more likely to...

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