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Skills' Obsolescence In The Globalized World.

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Nowadays world lives in a time of permanent changes. Things that were innovative yesterday – today becomes outdated. Time flies and technological progress lead world to new milestone of development. It is obvious that this process has an impact not only on the some technological issues but also humanity at all. Progress is necessary for this stage of development and one of the major points in this process is globalization. Globalization is considered as a process of global integration of the country; to vanish the economical and political borders between countries. Of course, globalization has an impact on all spheres of human entity. However, it has more dramatic influence on the business area, in particular on human resource management. In the past, recruitment officers had a strict geographical frame for hiring new staff. In consequence of this, people stay in their workplace much more longer period of time than nowadays. Their skills were demanded for a long period of time. In our time, market demand new products and services in a dramatically shorter time than in the past. Product changes and employes should keep in-touch with new product, be more flexible, be innovative and proactive to keep their place in the labor market. Current employe should have great compatibility to save his position in front of other people, who pretend on his place because specialist that has been educated two years before has not got some knowledge that get current alumni. Anyway, globalization influenced workplace and labor market and it is not certain – is it good or not for employes themselves.
What globalization means for the whole business at all? Companies that pretend to compete on the global area faced with the problem of new demand not only for their product but also on their organization and people. Moreover these two issues often being recognized simultaneously into several amount of direction that sometimes contradict with each other. So companies start to change their organizing structure and objectives; they start to concentrate on complementarities, not on trade-offs, on the process of human resource management, not on structures and procedures. All of these changes show a shifting from past and traditional human resource paradigm to globalized challenges, towards an acceptance of a global company as a flexible network (V. Pucik, 1996). One point more about globalization is development of Internet and e-market that leads to dramatically increasing the international flow of products and services and moreover globalization impacts on the HR even much more than before. Wide spreading of the Internet now starts to affect organizational structure, market processes and global trade frameworks. Some of the people believe that influence of the e-commerce in twenty-first century is as significant as the introducing of the mass production methodologies in the previous century. Surely, it is already new opportunities for the delivery of the international HR...

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