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The purpose of this essay is to understand whether the skills that a first-level manager possesses compared to other levels of management are similar or different. It is because according to Katz theory each level of management requires to specialize in the following core skills: technical, human and conceptual. However, it does not necessarily mean that they do not need other core skills. Moreover, managers have to fulfill different managerial roles in regards to the skills that each level of management possesses, since different levels of management have their own responsibilities within the organization. Furthermore, this essay will also examine the secondary skills that managers need in relation to their level of management.

Managers are differentiated into three separate management levels according to Katz Theory. Furthermore, there are the following three fundamental skills: technical, human and conceptual skills, they are essential to all level of managements. However, “Managers need certain skills in order to perform the duties and activities...“ (Robbin, Bergman, Stagg & Coulter, 2012, p. 17). Thus, it is mandatory for managers to specialise a certain core skill depending which level of management they are in. However, they also need to have conceptual skills and human skills because without all three fundamental skills they are unable to function properly otherwise“…managers cannot effectively plan, direct, control or assess work activities,” (Peterson & Van Fleet, 1967). Nevertheless, top manager specialises in conceptual skills since they are the managers who decide the strategies and the goal of the organisation. On the other hand, middle managers specialises in human skills as they will be communicating internally, first level managers and top level managers, and externally, shareholders as well as conceptual skills. As for first-level manager, they are required to specialise in technical skills since they will be supervising employees who are producing products or service the organisation’s customer thus they require the job knowledge and skills (Peterson & Van Fleet, 1967). Not only that, they might have to mentor their subordinates and coordinating their subordinates by using their job knowledge and skills to carry out the tasks given to them by top managers, efficiently and effectively. As for middle level managers, they need to understand the workforce in their department thus technical skills are required but not as much (Murale & Preetha, 2011). Though, human skills are crucial for all managers, according to Mintzberg, “…communicating role describes the manager as the nerve center of the unit…” (Mintzberg, 1994). This means that without human skills the entire department and even organisation will collapse as human skills are the core of the organisation. Hence, in this case, for first level managers if they do not possess human skills all of the employees will be demotivated due to lack of interaction....

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