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Skills Shortages Essay

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Research the reasons for the skills shortage in the Australian labor market and discuss government policies that could be used to address this skills shortage.

Skills shortages occur when there are ‘insufficient qualified candidates to fill the market-place demand’ in any type of employment, regardless of price. This occurs in market places due to a large number of reasons, ranging from the formation of a new market or advances in technology, to international competition or a lack of interest for a particular market etc. As there are many varying reasons for the lack of skills in particular areas, the way they are approached varies greatly, with the government addressing the shortage in a ...view middle of the document...

9 applications per vacancy through out the year. School teachers, ICT Professions and Nurses were the easiest vacancies to fill throughout 2013, with Automotive Trades, Food Trades and Hairdressers being the most difficult. The department of Employments Skills Shortages- Statistical Summery also shows that Darwin, Regional NSW and Regional SA had the most difficulty fulfilling vacancies in Australia, and Adelaide, Melbourne and Perth finding it the easiest. This is shown bellow.

Proportion of vacancies filled and average number of applicants and suitable applicants per vacancy, State and territories, 2013
Source: Department of Employment, Survey of Employers who have Recently Advertised

In the diagram, the applicants per vacancy are represented through the lightest colour, the suitable applicants per vacancy by the darker blue or orange, and the proportions of vacancy’s filled by the darkest colours. As portrayed in the diagram, Victoria had the largest amount of applicants per vacancy, with 21.8 applicants per vacancy; however, Western Australia had the largest amount applicants suitable per vacancy, with 2.6 for each vacant position. South Australia...

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