Skills, Techniques, Progression And Tactics In Football

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Skills, Techniques, Progression and Tactics in Football

Dribbling Skills

Dribbling flicks and tricks in football are fun to do, and great for
getting past defenders, creating space and showing off. The aim is to
move the ball from one foot to the other as quickly and as accurately
as possible.

There are many types of dribbles here are a few examples:

The football body swerve - is a close control, dribbling skill used
for running at and beating defenders, and creating space to shoot or
pass the ball. The aim of the body swerve is to dummy the defender
into moving the wrong way. The body swerve builds upon basic turning
skills, so player should be able to turn with the ball under close
control to the left and right. With the ball on your right foot, dip
your left shoulder, and start to transfer your body weight as if you
are going to the left. However, instead of turning to the left,
quickly lean to the right transferring your weight to the right, and
use your left foot as a springboard to accelerate away to the right.
Acceleration is of great importance when dribbling, and trying to beat
opponents. Speed is important, but it is often sudden changes in speed
that beats the defender.

The step over - is a dribbling trick that is used to put off and dummy
defenders. Transfer the body weight to one side, and move the foot
towards the ball as if to turn to that side, but at the last moment
step over the ball, and keep going in the same or opposite direction.
Sometimes this trick is used to put off or intimidate defenders as
well as to dribble past them. A variation is to move the foot around
the ball instead of over it.

The dummy backheel - is designed to cause the defender to stop
suddenly, whilst the attacker keeps going. It is only effective on the
move when running at defenders. The foot is brought forward over the
top and in front of the football as if to backheel the ball to
somebody behind. However, the ball is deliberately missed on the
pretend backheel with the foot passing over the top of the ball, and
the front of the foot is used to drag the ball forward without
stopping or losing speed.

Passing Skills

Football passing techniques are vital for keeping possession and
controlling the game by moving the ball around the pitch from teammate
to teammate trying to make space. Accurate short passes with
supporting runs into space allows a team to keep possession, and build
an attack. Many parts of the foot can be used sending the ball in
different directions. Corner kicks, crosses and long balls played over
fifty or sixty metres into your opponents' penalty area are also
passes if they reach one of your own players. Here are a few
variations of a pass:

The backheel technique - is to make contact with the heel dead-on to

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