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Skills Of Being A Professional Project Manager

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A person, full of responsibility and the same level of authority required completing a project. If a person does not have high levels of both responsibility and authority then it will not be a ‘Project Manager’. The title ‘Project Manager’ has come to be used generically to describe anyone given responsibility to complete a project. Also, it describes the activities that meet specific objectives and be used to introduce or improve new or existing products and services.

As a Project Manager, if he could prove excellent leadership and interpersonal skills, he will be able to improve his skill to co-ordinate and handle his project. You can read the detail in the Project Box’s article (Five key skills required by Project Managers, 2012). “The relationship between the management of projects and the management of people sheds light on some of the skills used by effective project managers.” You can read the detail in the Project Box’s article (Five key skills required by Project Managers, 2012). With those skills the Project Manager will be able to hold his title of being a ‘Project Manager’ and also he will be able to encounter any risk that will come up during the project. Most of the project management issues that influence a project arise from risk, which in turn arises from uncertainty.

Based on the summary of Matta and Ashkena (2003) any traditional project planning carries three serious risks that affect the project. Firstly, is the “White Space” which is the planners leave gaps in the project plan by failing to anticipate all the projects required activities and work streams (Matta and Ashkena, 2003). Then, is the “Execution” which is when the project team members fail to carry out designated activities properly (Matta and Ashkenas, 2003). Finally, the “Integration” risk that the team members execute all tasks flawlessly but do not knit all the project pieces together (Matta and Ashkenas, 2003). As a result, the project does not deliver the intended results. (Matta and Ashkenas, 2003).

The successful project manager focuses on this as the main concern and attempts to reduce risk significantly by adhering to a policy of open communication, ensuring that project participants can voice their opinion and concerns. Risk management is an important part of project management. Every project has a risk and a real Project Manager has to deal with it, whether the risk will be acceptable or unacceptable. All risks could be resolved if they could be tracked before it arises. You can read the detail in the Kenneth Darter’s article (Tracking a Risk, 2014). Then, a Project Manager has to track the risks very carefully with the rest of his team and also has the intelligence and the capability to track a risk from the beginning to the end.

One of the most effective ways is to grade the risks on two levels, likelihood and severity. This method assigns a value to both the likelihood and severity on the high risks (Hillson, 2009:20-25). ...

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