Skin Allergy Home Remedy Essay

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Skin allergy home remedy


Human skin is sensitive to certain kind of substances known as allergen and react when comes in contact with such substances. The problem is termed to be allergy. The sensitivity varies from person to person and allergen may not be same for every person. Almost any part of the body can be affected by allergy. An abnormal tissue reaction after exposure to an allergen causes allergy.

It may reach the tissues by direct contact with the skin or various mucous membranes of the organs or through the bloodstream after absorption. Almost any part of the body can be affected by allergies.
Allergic reactions are caused by a wide range of substances and conditions. These include pollens, dust, cosmetics, and animal hair, poisonous plants, serums, vaccines, and drugs; physical agents such as heat, cold and sunlight, as well as a variety of foods. Some foods like oranges, milk, eggs, wheat, fish and other sea foods, chocolates, tomatoes, and strawberries causes allergic reactions.

The symptoms of skin allergy are listed below:
Skin inflammation
Skin rash
Skin swelling

There are different types of allergy

‘Contact dermatitis’- a substance when comes into contact with the skin causes allergy. This is called skin inflammation.

‘urticaria’ - it is temporary swelling of the skin caused by collection of fluid in the skin. It is known as hives.

‘prickly heat’- it is caused by warm and dry weather and red rash and itching appears on the skin.

An excellent home remedy is available with feverfew leaves. For these 15-16 feverfew leaves are needed. Dry them and make a powder. One teaspoon of this powder should be boiled in a cup of water and taken once for 3 days daily. This solution can also be applied twice daily with a cotton swab over the affected area. Feverfew leaves has no side effects therefore no precautions is needed during its application. The symptoms of the allergy are reduced within 3 days.

1 tbsp of grounded poppy seeds is to be mixed with 1 teaspoon water. Add 1 teaspoon lime juice to it and apply to the affected area.

Application of paste made from sandalwood and limejuice to the affected areas helps in clearing skin allergies and keeps it smooth

A thick paste of mashed almond leaves with little water when applied to the affected area gives good result.

To make a paste from 5 grams of garden mint in water. Filter the water and add 12 grams of sugar in it. This syrup is to be taken twice a day for...

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