Skin And Bone On Their Own? No Thanks.

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Perfection; a word seemingly defined by the fashion industry as skin and bone. A definition displayed by some of the biggest fashion brands in the world to us, the mindless audience. All brands which present to us their latest seasonal garments on catwalks, in magazines, on posters, in shop windows, all on their very own ‘size zeroes.’ This is an unnecessary risk of both health and wellbeing not only for the models, but also for our future generations. Some bizarrely watch this in awe, whilst those whom are even partially sane watch in disgust. The misconception that being this slim is “perfect” is spreading. Members of our generation are somehow under the illusion that they must follow in the weary footsteps of these models to be beautiful, which in itself is quite worrying.
Any form of rationality would show that most models are fuelling an epidemic of eating disorders across the globe. Young girls tend to be as familiar with this ruthless industry as they are with the back of their own hand. However, this obsession could be proven to be warping our minds, without some even realising it. As a multitude of us strive to pursue the trends worn by these gaunt models, our self-esteem is more often than not lowered as these styles don't look as ‘flattering’ on our - in my opinion - better proportioned physiques. In fact, in a poll conducted by the Liberal Democrats, over two thirds of teenagers felt the need to lose weight after being shown photos of immoderately slim models such as Kate Moss, who famously said: “nothing tastes as good as skinny feels.” Miss Moss evidently hasn’t discovered the wonders of pizza then. It’s ever so slightly distressing that people feel the need to alter both their lifestyle and body merely through being shown a photograph. The media is, without a shadow of a doubt, the most powerful influence on people’s own self-regard. Being bombarded with these images everywhere you look can instantaneously diminish all self confidence that remains in a person. According to Dr Ian Campbell, a spokesperson for the charity ‘Weight Concern,’ the likeliness of a person developing an eating disorder is evermore increasing purely because of the media. 
Furthermore, this topical issue has not only had an effect on the general public, but more so puts a considerable amount of pressure on the models. Be it for photo shoots or the catwalk, these models will go to extreme lengths to be deemed worthy enough to represent these brands. Maybe this is because iconic designers such as Karl Lagerfeld publicly expose their adverse opinion on this matter. Lagerfeld has however faced legal action for saying things such as “nobody wants to see curvy women on the runway.” Sorry sir, I for one do want to see these women, more so than I want to see your scrawny models. The ex–editor of the Australian Vogue admitted that some models would even eat tissues in order to maintain their grim physique. Tissues- thin, fragile paper originally used to wipe ones...

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