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Skin And Bones Essay

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Walking down the runways fierce and bold wearing the wings of angels and enough lingerie to make a man drool, their heels clanking loudly as they take big strides down the cat walk, and striking a pose at the end. Models are beautiful, bold and fierce; and according to most people, they have all the confidence in the world. What people do not know, are all the difficulties that models go through every day to keep up the portrayed “model” image. A lot of models battle with eating disorders and have various health issues due to the weight limitations they are put under. There should be no weight limitations on models due to the extreme sicknesses and health problems they will endure trying ...view middle of the document...

For example, a former model named Georgina Wilkin struggled with anorexia all throughout her modeling career. When Wilkin first set out to be a model, she was turned down because she was not thin enough. “I had expected it to be glamorous and fun, but it wasn’t like that at all. One day I was put in a line-up with 12 models. We were all naked apart from flesh-colored thongs, standing in front of a panel of casting directors. They basically went through us and said ‘yes’, ‘no’, ‘yes’, ‘no’, depending on whether we were thin enough. If you weren’t thin enough you were sent out of the room immediately. I was sent out.”(Wilkin 1). After being turned down, Wilkin started to limit her eating and sleeping in order to lose the weight that she needed to in order to make it past the judges. Wilkin was initially encouraged to lose weight unhealthily by her modeling agent. She was not educated on the proper ways to lose weight in a healthy way, so ultimately Wilkin resorted to not eating at all. By having weight restrictions put on models, it leads them to believe that they need to go to extremes such as, binging and purging in order to lose weight. Modeling agents should instead talk to their girls about healthy eating and give them tips that can help them lose weight without harming their bodies in the process. Girls should not have to lean toward the point of starvation or sickness just to be exactly how a designer envisions them to be.
In the article “The Influence of Real Women in Advertising on Mass Market Fashion Brand Perception.” a couple of students at Göteborg University wanted to see what effects different sized models had on others. The students wanted to know which model looked the most appealing in a certain outfit and how the models weights affected their choices. These clothes were worn by a skinny, overweight and obese model, and people needed to give their input on what they thought about the clothing after seeing it on all three models. The students hypothesized that people would be more interested in buying the clothing that they see on the skinnier model because it is more pleasing to look at. It is the same thing as when it comes to magazines, there is usually a glamorous skinny girl featured on the cover page in order to attract people to the magazine. If there was a larger woman placed on the cover, people would not be as appealed to that magazine as much as the one with the skinnier model.
Most people tend to buy clothing that is worn by a skinnier model rather than an overweight model because people want to look more like the skinnier model wearing the clothing rather than an overweight model. For example, when the owner of Abercrombie & Fitch told his buyers that he only wanted skinny people to wear his clothing and that is was why his sizes run so small. Even though that is very disrespectful, it is also true when it comes to the modeling industry. People want to see smaller models wearing certain items of...

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