What Makes Up True Beauty? Essay

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The perception of beauty is subjective; it isn't always what people may think it is because it can be described in different ways. Margaret Wolfe Hungerland said, "Beauty is in the eye of the beholder." Meaning that there is no exact definition of "beauty" it's what others perceive it to be. In today's society attractiveness via physical appearance is the most common attribute when discussing beauty, but there is more to it than that. Aside from that being the main focus intelligence, emotions, spirit and social attraction can also be used to contribute to one's beauty.
Possibly the most bias way to describe it, beauty is often used in reference to someone's physical appearance, focusing mainly on facial features, body type and skin. This plays a big part in today's society causing it to affect both males and females of all ethnicities. In a discussion it is mentioned, "what society considers beautiful has a tendency to change, which means our pursuit of beauty tends to be lifelong and subject to the whims of trendsetters" (Edmonds). Pop culture has manipulated society into thinking that beauty is having a perfect facial structure, a slender body type, and flawless skin. While possessing these particular features is fine, it just isn't realistic. People tend to use cosmetics or cosmetic surgery to enhance the beauty of their facial structure. Females also have a desire to have a beautiful body type which pretty much means to be slim. Lastly in the black community I've noticed that there's an issue with shades of skin. It is said that lighter skin is considered beautiful while darker skin isn't. Although this issue is based on opinions, it doesn't define beauty. Aside form the superficiality of today's society beauty is also defined by one's level of intelligence.
Not everyone is obsessed with physical appearance someone’s intellect can be their most beautiful feature. What many don't know is that the brain is the greatest detector of beauty. It's been reported "men increasingly value intellect and character in a partner over a shapely figure "(COHEN). A person should have some level of intelligence and an interesting personality but also be able to converse. From a males perspective I believe that an intelligent and overall interesting woman is beautiful, especially if she can teach me something new. It’s honestly a better feeling to notice someone because of the intelligent things they say, than noticing their appearance. Also being able to have a conversation with someone is attractive because it shows that they are able to understand you. As a teenager I was a little superficial and only cared about physical appearance until I found that I was attracted to a girl who wasn't exactly nice looking, but we bonded on an intellectual level that made our relationship stronger. Although she wasn't physically beautiful her nurturing soul and intellect introduced me to her inner beauty. This experience taught me that physical features aren’t the...

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