Skin Film, Sometimes We Need To Accept Change

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'sometimes we need to accept change in order to grow.'An individual identity is what shapes us. It is what makes us unique and separates us from the other seven billion people on this planet. However, sometimes in life we encounter certain life experiences that bring physical or emotional change. They may have negative or positive impacts on our identity but play a significant part in shaping who we are. It is through these changes we experience in life that binds us in growing as an individual and as a person, further developing an identity.Changes may come from physical changes, or changes into belonging to different social groups. For the eventful and tragic story of Sandra Laing, it was both the film 'Skin' directed by Anthony Fabian follows the story of Sandra Laing, a South African girl of Afrikan appearance with white parents. Throughout Sandra's life she experiences fundamental shifts of change, from her physical appearance, to her sense of belonging. When we are born into the world, it is our family who is essentially our first social connection. They provide us with the moral values that become imprinted in our nature. Born into a white family in anapartheid era where it was designed to protect white supremacy and unity, Sandra is taught to hate the colour of her skin from a young age. With her father Abraham's uphill battle against the South African government on the issue of classification of herskin, Sandra's strong identity is formed and shaped as a 'white' one.However, as we grow older, we move into different phases of life that bring great change, such as the transition into school. As Sandra moves to boarding school at the age of six she is pushed outside her comfort zone. When first questioned about her physical appearance, Sandra bemusedly replies, 'I am not black', As Sandra grows older she realizes that her physical change makes her different, and the target for racism. Her once strong identity of herself and the place where she belonged is slowly dismantled and shattered. However, despite her physical change and the desire to fit into a segmented society, her strong relationship with her mother helps her accept the changes she is faced with and to grow as a person. 'You cannot help what you are born with, but you can help what you become.'The decisions we make may also often bring positive and negative change, but play a significant part in shaping who we are and where we belong. When Sandra elopes with a man named Petrus Zwane, she comes to accept that she is black and does not belong with her family. Sandra tells her father, 'I am not white.' This has a strong negative impact on her father as the changes to Sandra present a difficult challenge to her father. Appalled and disgusted, Abraham cuts all ties with...

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