Skyscraper And Its Influence To A City

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1. The History of the skyscrapers
2. The advantages of constructing skyscrapers
3. The disadvantages constructing skyscrapers
4. The future of the skyscrapers

The aim of this report is to distinguish the benefits and drawbacks of the skyscrapers is being built in big cities. Additional goal of the report is to find out whether skyscrapers should rise or remain stable.

Skyscraper, very tall, multi storied building. The name first came into use during the 1880s, shortly after the first skyscrapers were built, in the United States. The development of skyscrapers came as a result of the coincidence of several technological and social developments. --- Encyclopedia Britannica
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Striking number of people know which city has a particular mega tall building. People dream about going to Dubai to see Burj Khalifa or they would get a ticket to see the Empire State Building and watch it from the Fifth Avenue. It is commonly understood that skyscrapers give abundant popularity and a huge flow of tourists and media. In the meantime, another big advantage of skyscrapers is the space advantage they provide. The urbanization caused cities to become vibrant and this vibrancy affected cities to be more populated. Subsequently, dense towers replaced houses and induced to become higher and higher. Another important asset is that a skyscraper does not call for much place. Tall buildings like skyscrapers use multiple floors to increase total floor space without increasing the size of the building's footprint, making the design ideal for a congested city where real estate is at a premium. Like all new developments, tall buildings must address sustainability issues. Their form can give them potential advantages, such as ample access to...

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