Skytron Surgical Tables Are Reliable And Cost Effective

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When patients have to think about having a surgical procedure, they sometimes react with anxiety and fear. The effects of these feelings are far-reaching. Though the body is programmed to experience stress and react to it appropriately, this is a fight or flight response in reaction to danger. When it comes to facing a challenge or a situation that cannot be easily avoided or overcome stress-related tension builds. In this case a person becomes distressed and that has physical effects on the body such as: upset stomachs, elevated blood pressure, headaches, and chest pain. As you can imagine, the helplessness of leaving your health in the hands of another person during surgery only increases this distress. The aforementioned physical ailments put patients in danger and only serve to increase postoperative pain and delay healing times. Therefore, it only makes sense to make your surgical patients as comfortable as possible. This can be achieved, in part, by investing in the correct medical equipment, such as Skytron tables. These tables are made to be sturdy, long-lasting, and best of all, comfortable which will help the patient to relax, taking away some of the stress.
When considering the most effective surgical table for an OR, there are a few must haves that should be on the list. For example, the tables should rotate to allow ultimate access for the surgeon and OR staff. With Skytron tables, they have a top slide feature permitting quick movement of the patient through an imaging window. Top rotation of the table will accommodate c-arms, which are specialized x-ray machines. There is even enough leg-room for a surgeon to be seated. The tables simply make imaging less risky for the patients and the OR staff. Another plus is that the back and leg sections of Skytron tables are removable. This will allow you to use any of the large range of accessories that are go with these surgical beds.
Surgical tables made by Skytron come in a variety of styles allowing for an assortment of rotations, lift capacity weights and articulation weights.
• The 3602 Ultraslide can lift up to 1,000 lbs. and has an 800 lbs. articulation weight capacity. It has a Power Beach Chair Positioner to allow for set-up of shoulder operations. The table is adjustable in height which will give imaging equipment ease of access.
• The 3502 EZ slide table is a bit smaller that then its aforementioned counterpart. This one has a 700 lbs. lift and 600 lb. actual weight capacity.
• The 6702 Hercules table has a 210 rotation which allows for easy maneuverability and access for the anesthesia team. Impressively strong, this table will lift up to 1,200 lbs. and has up to a 1,000 lbs. articulation weight capacity. Like the other chairs it has removable back and leg sections and sits at waist-height which allows for easier operations on bariatric patients.
• The 6302 Elite table has a surface that turns independently of its base which gives maximum room and imaging access. It has...

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