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November 13, 2017
Slaughter house five is an anti-war book like no other antiwar book depicting war, alien abduction, and time travel among other things. In this very interesting book that elicits very real events, and very fictional events, the contrast shaping it into a very vivid story, while also making the book peculiar to say the least, with the way the author chooses to go back and forward between these two genres. However, this is not the point this book tries to elicit, and although the reader does not entirely understand if the main character, Billy Pilgrim, is delirious or sane, because his time traveling abilities and bizarre events he experiences the main conflict this narrative raise will have to be the dichotomy between freewill and determinism. This conflict happens when he encounters the trafoldotians, which are the aliens, and they explain to Billy that there is no such thing as free will, planet earth is the first planet where the heard of this concept, because everything in life is already predetermined according to how they view things, but maybe this can all be an illusion painted by Billy due to having ptsd ensued from his traumatic experiences of war.
Billy pilgrims time travel can be argued that are visions that occur from his time in war as stated before, and that his encounter with aliens are nothing more than a coping mechanism that he uses as a way of relieving some of the traumatic things he experiences during the bombing of Dresden in Germany. So although the very insightful trafoldorians teach our main character that there is no such thing as free will and that everything is predetermined on planet earth, the way they see life and human history much like we view a scenery of a stretch of mountains, meaning all of it at the same time; past, middle and end and that nothing can be done to change this, the books goes on to explain that the trafoldorians even know at what time and the universe wil end. But due to the fact our main character endures very traumatic events in his life including war we can speculate that that This is way of Billy explaining why things work out the way they did for him in the book, the author of this book does not state anything about ptsd, because at the time there was not research, and the term hadn’t been created, but everything we see in Billy point out to be such. Also having the ability to change anything gives the main character of this book a way of relieving himself from the responsibility of how things worked out in his life and, because he had the power to truly change anything, which according to the trafoldarians he didn’t have, he would have changed something, in his visions Billy pilgrim is the a hero, some one important, for this same reason the aliens abduct him and also in his vision he gets to be enticing to one the most...

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