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Slave To The Machine Essay

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It is apparent that cellphones and social media are rapidly changing our society. Humans naturally are accustomed to change we long for it and are constantly evolving. However, how much of this change is too much? Cellphones and social medias are altering our societies interpersonal face-to-face communications, cultural values, as well as our social norms. Our world is becoming more connected; we are entering an era of digital globalization.
It is hard to imagine a time before communication advancements, where people traveled thousands of miles to exchange messages and or spend time with one another. This isn’t the case in the 21st century people can now remain within contact with one ...view middle of the document...

We have become a society that is distracted by texts, emails, and social networks. What was once culturally valued as taboo has now become a social norm. A few examples are using your cell phone during class time, using your phone at the dinner table, checking email during meetings, while driving, and even while having a conversation with someone. In Peter Glutz’s Thumb Culture: The meaning of mobile phones for society he states
“The mobile phone empowers and enlarges the sphere of micro-social interaction by making individuals free to reach each other under any circumstances and without the need to conform to institutional norms that demand a presence in a specific place (and a relationship with others present at this same location)” (Glutz 24).
The world’s micro-social interactions may have grown stronger, however interactions with others within our immediate social sphere have grown weaker. Cellphones and social media are reinforcing the relationships you already have rather than helping you gain the skills to interact face-to-face. Peter Glotz stated that “Mobile phones may therefore support tendencies towards closure rather than towards the opening up to new acquaintances.” (Page 25) People are using their technology as a barrier from the real world; it has aloud for individuals to be a different person rather than their true self.
There is a growing reliance on technology, which will potentially leave us helpless in future crisis. Furthermore, there is a direct correlation between advancements in technology and our reliance on this technology. Life is becoming easier for us we no longer have to rely on our five senses as often. For example, how long has it been since you were lost driving while you had your smart phone on you? Probably not since Google maps was invented. On the one hand this example of a convenience; however, with continual reliance on your phone as a map your ability to rely on yourself as a map becomes strained which will then prove to be inconvenient. Society is becoming a slave to the machine.
Personally, I need my cell phone on me at all times or else I begin to feel very uncomfortable. I am not the only one who feels this way. Growing up in a digital renaissance has my peers and I fully reliant on cell phones, computers, and even social media. It is unimaginable from my generation’s perspective on how people functioned in a time before cell phones. On the other hand, the average person takes for granted the convenience of their cellphone. In Richard Ling’s The Mobile Connection: The Cell Phone’s Impact on Society he stated that cell phones “have been adopted on a large scale, and it is on the way to becoming a taken-for-granted part of the social landscape in many countries” (page 22). Cell phone technology has been implemented into our society so swiftly that people haven’t even stopped to look at what is happening to our society.
Culturally our society is evolving, we no longer...

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