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Veronica Govea Paper 2 11/16/2011Slavery abuse Harriet Jacobs wrote her own book, which she named Incidents in the Life of a Slave Girl. She explained all what she had passed, through all her life, she had suffered from slavery. Harriet Jacobs also explained all the psychological violations such as destruction of families, sexual harassment, verbal abuse, humiliation, and discrimination.Slavery has been one of the most terrible problems in the life of colored people. They were always working for white people, sometimes they just work hours and hours without stopping. White people used colored people just to do things that they can do. The time that Linda was send to the plantation she said ¨I worked day and night, with wretchedness before me.¨ (96), this was one mark on their life because they will remember all what they suffered during the slavery time.During slavery mothers were always separated from their children. All families were separated, was the biggest impact in their life, because children were send far away from their families. Some moms cannot do anything, Linda told a story where she saw a mom who had 7 children and she thought there would be taken some of them but there were took all of them. This mom begged the trader to tell her where her children going and the trader refused to tell her. This lady cried and says ¨gone! All gone! Why don´t God kill me?¨ (18). Linda was one of the poor ladies which suffered for her children. She was always thinking that her children were first than her. She was always doing what she thought it was the best for them.Linda suffered sexual harassment. When she was fifteen years old Dr. Flint tries to seduce her by whispering her things in her ears, as young as she was she cannot do anything she just have to do all what he said because she don't want her grandmother to know all of those thing. Dr. Flint would do anything just to make her do all what he said. ¨the master´s age, my extreme youth, and the fear that his conduct would be reported to my grandmother, made him bear this treatment for many years.¨(30). He was always saying that she was his property that she supposed to do all what he said and what he wanted her to do. No matter how much she hated him that would not change anything he was her master and they lived under the same roof, she would see him every morning, afternoon and evening. She hated him, sometimes she had some thoughts ¨ O, how I despised him! I thought how glad I should be, if some day when he walked the earth, it would open and swallow him up.¨ (20).When Linda was sixteen years old was kind of hard for her to be in Dr....

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