Slavery And Human Trafficking Essay

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Avery Frund
Walker B2
English 09
December 4, 2013
Slavery and Human Trafficking
Imagine being kidnapped and locked away in a stranger’s basement for months, even years with no way to escape. Imagine being forced to do hard labor day-in and day-out for absolutely no pay. These kind of inhuman acts happen all over the world today. There are many men, women, and children everyday that are victims of slavery and human trafficking. Slavery and human trafficking is a worldwide issue that affects many lives. It profits around $32 billion a year (Kiener 1). Some of 27 million people worldwide are held in some form of slavery (Masci 1). Slavery and human trafficking is a huge problem that needs to be addressed as soon as possible.
Human Trafficking and slavery is the trade in humans, mostly for purposes such as sexual slavery, forced labor, or forced marriage. Slavery ended after president Lincoln abolished it after the civil war, though it still exists today. Human trafficking and slavery happens all over the world. Some of the worst places are Nigeria, Pakistan, China, and India. The reason is these places have high crime rates and high debt rates. (Hume 1). Most victims are women and children but men are also in dangers as well.
Human trafficking and slavery are serious issues today and ruin many people’s lives. Many victims don’t see their kidnapping coming. Kidnappers usually look for people who are hoping for a better life, unemployed people, and people with unstable lives or history of abuse. Most are relatives or people they already know, such as uncles, parents, or work partners. Criminals can also be unknown people as well. The Toronto Star says that many families in Africa and Asia are often tricked into sending their children to work to pay off their debt. The children work up to 14 hours a day, six days a week doing exhausting work, mostly in factories or as prostitutes (Power 2). Many victims are purely innocent people who got caught at the wrong place at the wrong time.
Also, some of the victims are forced into sexual slavery. According to ABC News, 19-year old, Miya was working when she was approached by a man who offered her a modeling job. Trying to save for college, she accepted and later that night met the man for a...

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